Legendary Foods Nut Butter Review

I recently was so honored to have received some nut butter samples from Legendary Foods to try! If you guys haven’t heard of this brand its because you can’t find it in stores but you can order them off their site! A few things I noticed and liked about this brand is that they use minimal ingredients, use raw almonds, and sweetened with stevia! I am not a huge fan of artificial sweeteners so I was really happy to see they use stevia to add some sweetness. Because they don’t have a bunch of additives or preservatives, you must refrigerate it after opening but the consistency doesn’t harden or change!

The first one I tried was Apple Pie.



​Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact some smart human out there decided to combine nut butter and apple pie? Like move over Einstein because we have a new genius. Not only did the smell make me weak in the knees, the CREAMINESS when I dug my spoon into the newly opened jar…. speechless. Kind of seems like how apple pie would taste if broken down into a spread, with little pieces of apples mixed in. I definitely gotta say this is my favorite of all the flavors.

Pecan Pie

Is it even legal to sell such amazing tasting nut butter? Because if so, we live in wonderful times. My second favorite of the samples for sure. Just as creamy as the rest with little pecan pieces in a lightly sweetened almond butter. There is just something about pecans that I just love….. ❤




Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip







Peanut Butter Cup

It’s as if someone had granted my very wish of combining my favorite flavors into one. So. Much. Yes. Imagine a Reese’s cup in liquid form. Yes, that good. Best paired with banana, on oatmeal, on yo pancake stack, and straight into the mouth 😉





Blueberry Cinnamon Bun

This one was a little different than expected… I really thought it would have a sweeter, more cinnamon flavor. This is cashew based and while still super creamy, it just was missing something. I definitely liked it on my oatmeal and it was not bad at all! Just not as delicious as the rest.




Overall, I was very pleased with all the flavors and wish they would keep popping out new flavors because I eat nut butter every day! Ya feel me? I am not affiliated with Legendary Foods but I still highly recommend anyone trying them out if you wanna spice up your life 🙂

G2G Bar Review

Are you good to go? Probably not if you haven’t sunk yo teeth in these magical bars made by Tinkerbell and unicorns. I am not pulling your chain, these are just really fricken good!

G2G is a new company of natural protein bars that contain high protein and healthy fats. The 4 flavors are peanut butter fruit and nut, peanut butter chocolate chip, almond butter fruit and nut, and almond butter chocolate chip. My favorite has to be almond butter fruit and nut because it ran out the fastest. (Oops.) Want to know a few reasons I am addicted?

Besides the fact that they taste like one of those no-bake cookies with chunks of chocolate/raisins, they have no artificial ingredients. This company freshly bakes their bars and sends them out as soon as possible. It’s important to keep these in the fridge for longer shelf life, and who am I kidding, they are even BETTER cold!

g2gSome of the key ingredients are:

Peanut or Almond butter, whey protein isolate, whole oats, flaxseed, coconut oil, honey, vanilla and cinnamon. WOAH, THAT’S A LOT OF SUPERFOODS ❤

g2gbarOne bar has 18g protein alone and also contain heart healthy omega 3’s.

I do not make money off of these but I will share my discount code so YOU can save money. Use: YUMMY at checkout to get 20% off your order! (Just click on the link G2G above) Trust me, you want to try these. They are perfect as a snack and on-the-go energy! I wouldn’t recommend a product I don’t really love.


So tell me, what flavor(s) are you going to try? 😉

Ben and Jerry’s Salted Caramel Brownie Ice Cream Review

Let me tell you a little about this hot date with Ben and Jerry a couple weeks ago… It involves caramel…. 😉  For starters, it had been A VERY LONG TIME since I had a pint or any ice cream in general. I dunno why really because it’s so dayummm good even if it is cold outside. But cravings grew and it only took me a trip to Walmart to make this happen. I was STOKED when I saw they still were carrying the limited edition Salted Caramel Brownie New Belgium flavor! Verdict: 20/10

When I took the first scoop out, I immediately was greeted with big chunks of chocolate brownies that were in fact ooegy, gooey, and not at all dry! Among the vast richness of brownies were gobs of sweet caramel. Oh Lord, the caramel ❤ I can’t believe there was a time in my life I hated the stuff!! Glad my taste buds made a change for the better 🙂 Because not one bite was boring throughout this entire pint.

Oh and before I forget to mention, the base doesn’t taste like beer at all. At least to me, but it has it’s own unique sweet flavor that is distinguishable from plain ole vanilla. This flavor definitely ranks as one of my new favorites along with milk n cookies and half baked 🙂

What is your favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor?

Are you a caramel fan or not?

Nut Butter Nation Peanut Butter Review


What can I say about peanut butter? Well, you can do pretty much anything your heart desires. From bagels, oatmeal, baked goods, parfaits, or simply just straight out of the jar, peanut butter has made it’s way into my life for good. I recently stumbled across this brand in particular and my jars are literally emptying by the minute. The wonderful flavors I have tried are the Honey Vanilla and Brown Sugar Cinnamon – both of which I have an addiction to.

Honey Vanilla

I had high expectations for this one, and it did not let me down! I first had it on a toasted english muffin and my heart flipped upside down. Not literally but I died and came back it was so good ❤ I HIGHLY recommend this flavor not only for the perfect balance of honey and vanilla but also for it’s extreme smoothness to have the ability to drizzle 🙂 I also had them on pancakes, waffles, oatmeal and it completes everything in that meal.


10/10 for sure

Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Do you like cookies? I’m talking those warm snickerdoodles straight out of the oven. This peanut butter and you are soul mates. If I were to pick a favorite, I would probably say this is the one and that’s why I’m trying so hard not to eat it all too fast. Liquid cookies. Just by opening the jar I could tell how much amazing was inside. I don’t think I have had a peanut butter be so good to be honest. But I am a huge cinnamon lover and have a sweet tooth so this definitely satisfies me. But don’t worry, it’s not OVERLY sweet where it’s sickening. It’s perfection in a jar.



The other flavors I have not tried yet are the Dark Chocolate and the Traditional peanut butter but I have high hopes for them as well and will get around to them shortly. If you try them, please let me know what you think! 🙂

This brand has NO:

  • GMO’s
  • artificial sweeteners
  • tons of added sugar

But they do have:

  • Amazing taste
  • Natural ingredients
  • Good Source of Protein and Potassi-yum
  • Love ❤

You can order them using this link:


Nut Butter Reviews

Wild Friends Honey Sunflower Seed Butter

sunbutterWhen I first tried regular sunflower seed butter, it was okay. I liked that it tasted different than nut butter but it could use a little more sweetness for my liking. That’s why I really enjoy this brand. I can only ever find this at Whole Foods but it is worth the farther drive. This is really creamy, smooth, and has a hint of honey and sea salt. I find this to be a great spread for bagels and English muffins but also really enjoy it as a sunflower seed butter and banana wrap! The only one I ever share my nut butters with are with my dog Bailey. It brightens her day and mine too because she can’t stop tongue flapping. 😉


Puppy approved! 8/10

Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter


The title reads “vanilla”, but I read “crack”. Yep. Pretty much the most addicting nut butter I have ever tried ever. When I first tried this, my taste buds fell in love. It’s not overly sweet, but sweet enough with a touch of vanilla and nutty. It kind of reminds me of frosting. I love love love this on cold overnight oats and on a warm bagel with banana. Most definitely find a jar wherever possible. Once you go vanilla, you don’t go back.


Justin’s Honey Almond Butter

honeyJustin’s was my very first brand of trying almond butter. It was so good that it really opened me up to trying new flavors. I first tried the maple (which I think you all definitely need to try). The honey is a new one to me! I always get super excited finding new products on the shelf and this was one of them. It is a really smooth nut butter with only a small amount of grit. Not much stirring required and no refrigeration needed. The honey flavor is definitely there and is a big improvement to the plain almond butter (unless that’s your thing). I liked it a lot, but not as much as my beloved vanilla almond butter.


Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter


Peanut Butter and Co. is the first brand I remember trying of flavored peanut butter. It really gave peanut butter a whole new level of appreciation. My favorite of theirs is white chocolate wonderful and this is the close second. Dark chocolate dreams is exactly how it sounds. Chocolaty and dreamy. It is very smooth and sweet. It almost reminds me of nutella but with less sugar and more peanuty flavor. This deserves a 9/10 for those chocolate lovers out there ❤

Half Baked Review

Oh sweet Ben and Jerry’s. My 2 home boys. No, really. They are the real deal. I like to cozy up with a good ole pint now and again to end my nights. To be honest, now that I am so close to being at my “healthy weight” it’s been a little more difficult for my mind to say that I should have these treats. I take a step back. I rationalize my thoughts:

1) Normal, healthy people of all kinds have ice cream without a second thought. Whether it be after a big meal at a restaurant or a spontaneous trip with friends- ice cream is solely meant for humans to enjoy when they have the craving.

2) I don’t need to be skinny to have a treat. I do not need to exercise for hours to win food. I don’t need to restrict intake to have ice cream at the end of the day. I most certainly DO NOT need to engage in any of these for ice cream. I did not. I had this on top of a normal day of eats and there is no harm in that.

3) Booty gains and happy dreams

After reviewing all of these in my head, I decided to venture to find an old favorite:


I remember when I first had a pint, it was Half Baked Froyo. Bigger steps lead to the full fat ice cream!

Now in comparison to the froyo version of this pint, I may actually like the froyo a little better. Honestly, the ice cream part was more creamy and the mix-ins were more fresh. I think I may have had a bad batch because I have heard that happening to people. Regardless, I had been craving it all day so I still finished it off. I really enjoyed the generous gobs of cookie dough in my pint. It had barely any brownie until I got to the bottom and found……


A miracle

I think this was a whole brownie. But i wouldn’t know because I ate it in one bite ❤


I HIGHLY encourage any of you to grab a pint of real ice cream and treat yourself! You WILL NOT wake up the next morning huge or with a health problem. Ice cream is for anyone and you are not overindulging at all. Screw anyone that judges you. They just hatin. They wish they were having ice cream.

I wanna hear from you!

What is YOUR favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor?


Chocolate or Vanilla?

Nuts N More Peanut Butter Reviews

When I started branching out of my nut butter collection, this brand was one that caught my eye via Instagram. Seeing people rave about how good this stuff was made it hard to stay away! Luckily, I was able to find some to try at my local GNC.


The first one I tried was the Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter!

I knew I had to try this one because it is limited edition and all things pumpkin are a win for me 🙂 I was a little disappointed when I first opened it. The smell was AMAZING and I couldn’t wait to take out a spoonful, but I couldn’t. The liquid had separated completely from the nut butter and was so hard to stir together! I kid you not it took me about 20 minutes to at least get a good consistency, still left with some chunks. I don’t know if it had been sitting on the shelf longer than it should have because the Toffee Crunch was not like that at all. As far as the flavor, UNBELIEVEABLE! It doesn’t lack the pumpkin spice flavor at all. It is exactly as perfect as it sounds. Fall in a jar. This peanut butter is the icing on the cake for anything from oats to pancakes to bananas. I actually do recommend this peanut butter for anyone that loves pumpkin spiced things.



Toffee Crunch was tried a few months after. I didn’t really NEED a new nut butter when I bought this…. but who really has a limit for how many jars of nut butter you can have. I love variety.

I have heard many people commenting on how heavenly and rich this peanut butter is- and they’re so right! Unlike the other flavor, I was happy to open up this one and find the most creamiest peanut butter ever. I’m talking silky smooth and mouthwatering. It not only looks delicious, it SMELLS delicious! Kind of reminds me of the toffee part of a Heath bar but in peanut butter form. I first tried this on my French toast and was blown away. For those that have a major sweet tooth and (nut butter tooth…?) go buy this one! cream


Ben and Jerry’s Milk N Cookies Review

I never plan when I have pints. Not anymore at least. Ice cream sounded good last weekend so I searched through the flavors to find one that I haven’t tried before. I am one for trying new things 🙂

Milk N Cookies has always been one I’ve been curious about. It was bittersweet to choose this flavor over my classic Half Baked. There is just something about the magical cookie dough chunks in that pint that keep me coming back for more. I like big chunks. A lot.

AAAfter asking several people, I finally decided to give this one a shot. I mean, how bad could it really be? It’s Ben and Jerry’s!

But first, gotta take a selfie!


As soon as I took off the lid I was pleasantly surprised to see a chocolate cookie swirl. The label reads “Vanilla ice cream with a chocolate cookie swirl, chocolate chip, and chocolate chocolate chip cookie” They weren’t lying when they put that extra “chocolate” in the title.


Not only was this pint full of soft chocolate cookies, the ice cream surrounding it was soft, fluffy, and didn’t melt super fast. The chocolately cookies are almost reminiscent of an Oreo cookie without the frosting but much softer! And don’t get me started on the chocolate chip cookies 😀


I have a new favorite….. or at least coming in the lead with Half Baked.

Would I get this again? HELL YES.

Would I recommend you getting this? HELL YES

Was it worth every bite to the end? %$@! YES…….


Treat yoself and treat yoself often! I am happy and felt completely satisfied after my pint. I even wake up with a bigger appetite in the morning after I have a pint…. Ice cream has magical powers ❤

Thank you BJ


Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar Review

The hype in the Instagram community for the summer was Quest Nutrition’s new product: Mint Chocolate Chunk! I am blessed to have a friend that was so kind enough to send me a few to try because they weren’t in stores yet.

I will be honest and say that mint chocolate isn’t one my favorite combinations. But there’s just something about the way these protein bars are made…. I loved it! 

 The rich chocolatey base is filled with morsels of mint chunks. And if you are a Quest lover (aka on a quest) you know what I mean when I say this bar was chunky! 

I really enjoyed it atop of my chocolate proyo (protein yogurt) with oats and honey almond butter. It’s like crumbling a cookie over your dessert. Yes, dessert can have lots of protein and be phenomenal! 🙌🏼  I would overall rate this a 9/10. Anyone with a good chocolate craving will be satisfied with this flavor☺️ 

Cinnamon Buns Ben & Jerry’s Review 

 Months I was searching for this flavor. Months. I went to 4 different stores around me and still could never come across it. Finally, I was in Kentucky with my family and went to the grocery store there. Didn’t think I would be lucky enough to spot this in the freeze aisle but I did!

If I recall, I think I screamed and got a little too happy…. Didn’t care how it looked, haters gonna hate.😎 Ha, I was really excited to see how it looked when I got home and let’s just say the drive was a little long.

 So. I waited a few days…..   Perfection.  I was really happy when my best friend decided she wanted to participate in my pint party and have one herself! I recommended that flavor to her because it was delicious as well!

“Caramel ice cream with cinnamon bun dough and cinnamon streusel swirl”  This was my dream. The ice cream was so creamy and sweet! It melted a lot faster than other pints I have had but I’m not complaining because it made it easier to scoop.

The gobs of cinnamon dough complimented the cream as well as the cinnamon swirl. Whether you like chunks in your ice cream or swirls, cinnamon buns gives you both!

I can say that if you haven’t had a pint of ice cream before, try making this your first! It changes you❤️


What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?