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Hey there! My name is Emily and I’m an 18 year old with a passion for health, food, and fitness. I am half-Hispanic and half sarcastic white girl- so quite the fun mixπŸ˜‰ I am currently in college to get my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. I’m the type of person that always likes having something to do. I’ve been blessed with a loving family that has done nothing but been there for me through my difficult journey. I don’t know where I would be without them❀️
I enjoy being outside, going on walks with someone, cooking, eating, lifting, drawing, watching movies, and of course blogging.
My goals are to stay healthy, exercise to get strong, be more spontaneous, find balance, and just be happy πŸ™‚
I made this blog to share this all with you and I hope you all enjoy!

Oh, and koalas make me very happy!

11 thoughts on “About Me

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Emily,
      I read your ‘about me’ and your story and I thank you for sharing!! I too am going to school for nutrition and dietetics. I am currently completing a short certification course on fitness nutrition. I look forward to reading the other blog posts you have and following you via Instagram πŸ€“ Keep moving forward! It’s nice to know another girl who has taken a poor situation and turned it around and wants to learn more about it! I’m with ya girl!!


  1. Cassie says:

    Didn’t know where to post this but I HAD to tell you that I kind of (**REALLY) adore you & your amazing blog! 😍😍 And now I’m sad bc I wish I could meet you irl!! πŸ™ˆ


  2. Kt says:

    How long did it take you to gain a few pounds I’m struggling and I’m reading your blogs and they are really helping me get through this!


    • Emmy says:

      You would have to be more specific which time, haha, I’ve gained weight like 5 different times. But last summer I gained about 12-13 lbs and have maintained it since.


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