Balancing Mental & Physical Well-being

Hey guys! I decided to pop in and give a little update on myself since it’s been a hot minute since I blogged. Something I have been really trying to work on lately is my mental and physical well-being and trying to figure out what is right for ME.

For years I spent my time scrolling through social media and the Web to figure out what exactly “healthy” meant. Was it going for a run every day? Lifting weights 5 times a week? Eating only chicken and broccoli? Counting macros?

Want to know what I learned from all of this? Healthy means something different for each individual.

To me, health isn’t just what you are doing, it’s also about what you are thinking and saying. To me, eating only chicken, egg whites and veggies isn’t healthy- for my own physical and mental well-being. For me, running a lot is not healthy simply because I don’t really love it nor should I be doing it until I figure out what’s wrong with my hormones.

Right now healthy means doing what I TRULY want. If that means lounging around all day,


so be it. If that means eating a box of mac and cheese to myself for lunch,

so be it. I am tired of feeling like I “SHOULD” be doing something that is working for someone else.

Life is about discovery, adventure, and experiences. Not wasting your time trying to mold yourself to be like someone else. I am trying to do what fulfills ME for once.

What my workouts have consisted of this week:

Monday: chest/triceps/core

Tuesday: long trail walk with some jogging

Wednesday: back/biceps

Thursday: rest/stretching

Friday: rest

Saturday: 45 leg workout with my mom (still sore…)

Sunday: leisurely swimming in my pool

May not seem like much to some people but I’m not here to try to impress anyone. I don’t like to workout on days that I go to work in the morning because my job is mentally and physically draining and I do not have the energy for it.


Excuse me while I laugh my ass off at this typical “fit girl” pose… lighting was flattering.

Mentally I have been up & down. I still sometimes struggle with being lazy on some days but I know that rest is very important and so is keeping stress levels down.

So tell me…

What is something you truly love to do?

Who is someone you love to workout with?


Why I’m Quitting Instagram

Well, it’s about time. After 2 1/2 years of having my recovery into health account, I’m done. And here’s why:

It’s a big waste of my time. Yes, at one point is was very helpful to me, but now it just seems like a chore. I love to help people recover and give them motivation, but I cannot heal someone, they have to do the work for themselves. And I cannot spend my entire life trying to get others to recover and repeat what I have preached over and over and over. It makes my brain hurt.

Comparison. Not only do I find myself somewhat comparing my lifestyle to others, but people do it to me. And that’s when it becomes unhelpful. I don’t need to hear about how someone walked 20,000 steps that day or THEIR fitness goals when I need to just be focusing on my own. I don’t need to constantly expose myself to others bodies 24/7…. it just gets old. And while I’m sitting here eating a big bowl of oatmeal w/ banana, chocolate, peanut butter and milk… someone else is eating just a bar for a snack. Yeah, cool.


I would like to eat my ugly but delicious food without taking a damn picture of it. I mean come on, some of the best foods seem to either be unphotogenic, sloppy, or brown. I’m tired of trying to find “good lighting” and such for a picture while my food gets cold. No. Not fair to me.


Hearing other people’s problems all day long really becomes like a broken record, especially when it’s the same person with the same problem over and over again. Just so you know, CHANGE doesn’t happen unless you do.

People try to act like they know me but they don’t. I get people commenting about my food and saying it’s “super clean” or “super unhealthy”. Um okay then. I guess you didn’t see that slice of pizza I scarfed down after work but didn’t take a picture of. And I guess that second person doesn’t realize what balance eating is. Because I assure you I don’t eat pints of ice cream every single day nor do I shove my face with only carrot sticks. I do not need other people to tell me how to live my life when I am living it perfectly fine. No restrictions, no dieting, no weight loss, no weight gain, but HEALTHY.

I just want to move on. I thought at one point it would be worth it to keep that account for free things or special offers, but it’s just not worth it anymore. I just want to be happy and eat good food and stay out with my friends and not put even more pressure on myself for keeping up with a big account.

Maybe I just need a break or maybe this is a final goodbye, I haven’t decided yet. But for now, I will keep my account open so people can see how I got myself healthy and so there’s a link to my blog. 

As for my blog, I think I will definitely keep it. I don’t always get to post about everything I would like to because I have a busy schedule now but I want people to find it and get something out of it hopefully. I like to talk about things on here almost like I’m writing in a notebook. Plus, its where I keep some old recipes 🙂