Birth Control & Your Period


I have gotten several questions about my progress on getting “Aunt Flow” back and running, and to be honest, it hasn’t come back. Now for me, I have had several signs such as lower abdominal bloating, swelling breasts, moodiness, breaking out on my forehead…. but still no period. While this is BEYOND frustrating to me, I know that stressing out about it is going to lead to worse things. I have given recovery MY ALL. I have not restricted my intake in I don’t even know how long, I have rested, eat plenty of carbs and fats in my diet (LOTS)…. so I am beginning to look at other factors.

Now before I start talking about me, I want to discuss something called birth control. Lots of girls (including myself at one point) think “I can just take BC to start up my hormones and I’ll get my period back and that means I’m healthy again”….. Ehh, not exactly.

See, birth control is a form of synthetic hormones that your body does not produce. When you take it, it tricks your body into thinking it’s pregnant, stops ovulation, and you will not go through a normal cycle. Then usually after 21 days you start a new set of pills that do not have the hormones in them, giving you a “period”. While you may think this is normal cycle and your body is healthy again, it really isn’t if you still don’t get a period without the pill.

Most women take the pill if they are sexually active or if they have irregular periods but if you are restricting calories, over-exercising, purging, or have a history of restrictive eating, I do not recommend relying on synthetic hormones to regulate you.

About 2 years ago I was on the pill but went off because I realized I wanted my body to tell me it was healthy enough to produce it’s own, natural hormones. This can be achieved when you stop harming your body in negative behaviors and reaching a healthy weight for you.

What I am taking into consideration for myself is my stress levels. I am planning on making an appointment to see an endocrinologist to get my cortisol levels checked. Too much cortisol in the body can have numerous of negative effects on your hormones and I am curious to see if my levels are too high. For those that aren’t familiar with cortisol, it is known as the “stress hormone”. While it’s important to have some cortisol for glucose metabolism, blood pressure, and other bodily functions, it’s also not good to keep levels too high.

I know anxiety runs in my family and I tend to get stressed out subconsciously all the time and I really have no clue as to why that is.

Either way, my goals are to still keep intake high as see how my body responds to it. I am a firm believer in the set point theory so if I am eating a higher amount, my body will gain to where it needs to run it’s best.

Every body is different. But I do know that if you are constantly eating in a surplus, not overdoing it with cardio, and eating a nutritent rich diet and have variety, your period will come (along with having a healthy body fat). It takes time and lots of patience. This may be very difficult for a lot of people but it’s so necessary. Do not put it off. Whether you want kids or not, you are not healthy if you go years without one.  

Keep in mind I am not a doctor, but I’m a girl talking from experience and from what I have researched. 

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  1. Ellie says:

    I’ve heard of women who conceive even with a lack of period or a very light flow (so light they don’t notice it). It sounds like you’re almost there 🙂 In prehistoric times, women skipped periods as well if times were tough or food was scarce. I’m saying this just to reaffirm what you already pointed out; it will come back, it just takes time.


  2. emrecovers says:

    What do you think about girls who are sexually active and feel that they need to be on birth control? I go back and forth because I do not know if I have a “natural” period without bc, but I also am nervous to go off the pill


    1. Emmy says:

      If you know you can have a natural period without the pill than its totally normal to be on it for other reasons such as being sexually active. But there are other ways to prevent pregnancy besides the pill that I would personally use myself. I am just kind of weird about putting artificial things like that in my body because your hormones play such a huge role in your complete body system.


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