No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

The other day I got busy in the kitchen because for some reason it has been raining nonstop where I live and there’s not much to do in my town… Since I like to snack for days, these made a boring day a little better 🙂 Sometimes I like to play around with recipes and see how they turn out and I think the proportions came out just right. I think I could even add a little more nut butter to the mix and they would have come out like fudge!

nobakeHere’s the recipe:

  • 1 1/2 cup quick oats
  • 1 1/4 cup peanut butter*
  • 1/2 cup ground flaxseed
  • 1/4 cup cacao powder
  • 2 scoops (about 1/2-2/3 cup) vanilla or chocolate protein powder
  • 1/3 cup honey or blue agave syrup
  • optional: dark chocolate chips in batter, coconut for topping

In a large bowl, mix all ingredients together except for topping.

In a 8X8 inch pan, press mixture evenly and top with coconut. Place in the fridge for at least 20 minutes to stiffen the mixture and cut into 9 squares!

This can also be made into energy balls and works the same way 😉

*Can sub almond butter for peanut butter if allergic or for preference. I used chunky peanut butter because chunks… 🙂

chocolateThese are best kept in the fridge for up to two weeks! They get hard in the fridge so letting it thaw 10 minutes makes it easier to nom on 😉

FDOE + What I Did Saturday

Hey guys! I have had a few people asking me to do a full day of eating so I thought I would share a day where eats were more exciting and so I could share more of my amazing day with my mom.

It started out with a morning shoulder/ab workout that I will also share!


  1. Reverse DB flyes 4 sets 12
  2. Seated DB Arnold Press 4 sets 10-12
  3. DB lateral raises 5 sets 10 each arm
  4. Bottoms Up Kettleball Press 4 sets 10 each arm
  5. Front Raises with Plate 4 sets 15


  1. Standing Rainbow Crunches holding DB 20 reps
  2. Side Plank Front Crunch 20 reps both sides
  3. Bosu Ball Leg Lifts 30 reps
  4. Russian Twists holding Medicine Ball 25 reps

(repeat ab circuit twice)

This workout I specifically went for volume instead of heavy weight as I have learned its good to do both and change them up. I also don’t focus on abs that much because when I lift I engage my core with a lot of exercises anyways but I do like to do some additional core work twice a week.

After I came home I had an egg white omelette with kale, broccoli & mushrooms with an english muffin and cream cheese. Don’t know why but I have been obsessed with cream cheese lately ❤

ss3I had a lighter breakfast because I knew we would have an earlier lunch and sometimes I’m not super hungry in the mornings… (but sometimes I’m starving!)

Me and my mom went to Opry Mills which is a huge mall 30 minutes from where I live for a girl’s day. We hit one store before the hunger set in so luckily we were close to the food court. We tried this panini/wrap/salad place and both got the same thing: turkey BLTA (bacon,lettuce,tomato,avocado) wrap with a side of sunchips! It’s been quite a while since I had these chips and they are sooo good.


Surprisingly, after being really full from this lunch I tried on bras + swim suits and felt so confident in my skin. I no longer see bones. I see curves and it makes me smile. I feel like the woman I am and I realize I am so blessed to have a fully functional body that allows me to walk around the mall, exercise, and just live a normal life.

ss6When I came home I had a small peanut butter craving so I topped one of my no-bake bars with some more peanut butter, craisins and a sprinkle of chia seeds. Held me over for a tad bit while I made my dinner 😉


For dinner I made a spinach salad with bell pepper, mushroom, black beans, a roasted sweet potato (seasoned with paprika and garlic) with cottage cheese because I’m weird AF 😀 HA, no really, cottage cheese is wonderful with everything.

And yes, every night I like to have a snack before bed. 1) Cravings 2) Keeping my intake in check 3) Nothing is worse than waking up in the middle of the night hungry

As I have been transitioning into intuitive eating I still stay logical about knowing what MY body needs. It’s used to calories before bed and it’s used to having more fuel so I give it just that. Here I have a bowl of greek yogurt mixed with oats and topped with purely elizabeth maple pecan granola, fruit, and the last of my glazed donut coconut cashew butter! Perfect for the sweet tooth of mine. And ohh pwease do yourself a favor and try this granola. I think the chocolate sea salt is my absolute favorite right now 🙂


And I thought I would share this picture of my mom and I because she is prettier than any food picture and she is my best friend ❤ss7Lawl at the lady who photobombed us. She jelly.

So tell me,

Do you have a shopping partner?

Any weird food combos you like that no one understands?

Dealing With Anxiety Attacks

I’m writing this post right now because I am dealing with a subconscious anxiety attack. Now, I feel really calm but anxiety tends to run in my family and it happens whether you think you are anxious or not. I have only had two major anxiety attacks in my life where I felt like I was having a heart attack but thankfully with gaining weight and decreasing my stress a bit, they haven’t been occurring like they used to.

Anxiety attacks for me now are something like this:

Feeling short of breathe. Feeling as if my chest is tight and I have to take deep breathes to breathe normally and get enough oxygen.

At first I thought maybe my bra was too tight but I really do think it’s a deeper problem.

Anxiety Attack And have an anxiety attack

Okay I just had to put this in

I also tend to feel a little jittery and can’t sit still when I feel this way. I really wish I knew how to manage this better besides just taking deep breathes. People tell me yoga is a great stress reliever and such but I just haven’t gotten into it. I find myself getting bored 10 minutes in and don’t feel like I’m doing it right.

I am writing this also to seek advice. For anyone that has anxiety problems that you have no idea where they come from, how do you manage it? I don’t want to go on medication but didn’t know if there were any cool remedies for it.

Please leave a comment or email me at


Dietitian Talk: Focus on the individual

You know what really gets on my nerves being a future dietitian? The ignorance of “individuality” as far as what is pushed by most dietitians. Have you ever logged on the computer and saw a health article written by a notorious dietitian and it was about a diet, portion sizes, or “good” foods versus “bad” foods. I know I have, almost every health related article out there is focused on that nowadays.
Want to know why this bothers me? Keep reading.
First of all, what about athletes? Okay, so are you telling me that an athlete needs to be reading about how to “cut down” portion sizes. Are you telling me that someone that works out several days a week needs to be eating only 1/2 cup pasta at a meal or a few squares of dark chocolate before bed?

I will tell you this based on research and personal experimentation that an athlete should NOT be eating under 2000 calories a day. You know why? Muscle catabolism. Recovery. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Hormone Imbalance. Calorie exertion while exercising and even increased metabolism. All of this needs to be replenished with ADEQUATE nutrition. Not avoiding carbs or what they call “calorie bombs”, or the BS that is brainwashing girls (and guys) into restrictive diets. What needs to be addressed is who the audience is for, not generalizing the entire populations needs.

customized sports nutrition program created for your individual needs ... Now, I get it. Some of the population is overweight and some are naive to a balanced diet…. But some people think they need to lose weight when really they have body dysmorphia. Yes, it’s a thing, and it can be mentally consuming.

I’m so done with this. My goal in becoming a dietitian is to focus on every individual. Being informative, yet realistic. Eating less is not always better. Not for some people. Now, if you want a slow metabolism for life, go for it. But increasing your metabolism naturally is possible and you don’t have to feel utter restriction by avoiding foods you love. You don’t have to workout every single day to “earn” a burger and fries. And no, that won’t kill you either. There should be no “good” or “bad” foods, no “eat this not that”, and no more lies that eating at night makes you gain weight. That last one makes me laugh because it’s so moronic.

*The ONLY time people should be cutting down are people that have a health issue that requires them to, people in competition (which is TEMPORARY-not sustainable long term), or people that suffer with binge eating disorder (while not cutting out foods completely).

This was more of a rant than anything but I’m just really tired of the mixed messages out there that are completely changing the way people think. I remember way back when I was 12 years old and read those things on the internet, I was so convinced it was what I needed to do. Sure enough, I slowly developed anorexia and it happened so fast. People say “be the change you wish to see in the world” and I have never been more convinced to that.

Do you think this is a problem in the media?

Have you ever seen something that made you doubt yourself?


Birth Control & Your Period

I have gotten several questions about my progress on getting “Aunt Flow” back and running, and to be honest, it hasn’t come back. Now for me, I have had several signs such as lower abdominal bloating, swelling breasts, moodiness, breaking out on my forehead…. but still no period. While this is BEYOND frustrating to me, I know that stressing out about it is going to lead to worse things. I have given recovery MY ALL. I have not restricted my intake in I don’t even know how long, I have rested, eat plenty of carbs and fats in my diet (LOTS)…. so I am beginning to look at other factors.

Now before I start talking about me, I want to discuss something called birth control. Lots of girls (including myself at one point) think “I can just take BC to start up my hormones and I’ll get my period back and that means I’m healthy again”….. Ehh, not exactly.

See, birth control is a form of synthetic hormones that your body does not produce. When you take it, it tricks your body into thinking it’s pregnant, stops ovulation, and you will not go through a normal cycle. Then usually after 21 days you start a new set of pills that do not have the hormones in them, giving you a “period”. While you may think this is normal cycle and your body is healthy again, it really isn’t if you still don’t get a period without the pill.

Most women take the pill if they are sexually active or if they have irregular periods but if you are restricting calories, over-exercising, purging, or have a history of restrictive eating, I do not recommend relying on synthetic hormones to regulate you.

About 2 years ago I was on the pill but went off because I realized I wanted my body to tell me it was healthy enough to produce it’s own, natural hormones. This can be achieved when you stop harming your body in negative behaviors and reaching a healthy weight for you.

What I am taking into consideration for myself is my stress levels. I am planning on making an appointment to see an endocrinologist to get my cortisol levels checked. Too much cortisol in the body can have numerous of negative effects on your hormones and I am curious to see if my levels are too high. For those that aren’t familiar with cortisol, it is known as the “stress hormone”. While it’s important to have some cortisol for glucose metabolism, blood pressure, and other bodily functions, it’s also not good to keep levels too high.

I know anxiety runs in my family and I tend to get stressed out subconsciously all the time and I really have no clue as to why that is.

Either way, my goals are to still keep intake high as see how my body responds to it. I am a firm believer in the set point theory so if I am eating a higher amount, my body will gain to where it needs to run it’s best.

Every body is different. But I do know that if you are constantly eating in a surplus, not overdoing it with cardio, and eating a nutritent rich diet and have variety, your period will come (along with having a healthy body fat). It takes time and lots of patience. This may be very difficult for a lot of people but it’s so necessary. Do not put it off. Whether you want kids or not, you are not healthy if you go years without one.  

Keep in mind I am not a doctor, but I’m a girl talking from experience and from what I have researched. 

If anyone has any other questions, contact me at: