Update on Life 4/9/16


I decided to do a mini update on certain parts of my life I don’t share as personally with you all. Things have been really up and down, good moods, bad moods, body positive, and shitty days as well. But I wouldn’t be human if I had the “perfect” life. So here we go:


I’m doing very well academically, I am now apart of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and made the Dean’s List! I currently am taking Chemistry plus a weekly lab, Psychology, World History, Theatre and an online Medical Terminology class. May not seem like much, but the work does pile on if you don’t manage your time wisely. I am doing my best to keep my GPA up to increase my chances of getting into a very competitive dietetic internship after I graduate. I’m hoping to get a job this summer working in a nursing home or hospital to build my experience.


I am not the biggest social butterfly out there. That doesn’t mean I don’t like hanging out with people, just not every night like majority of the people here. I prefer having a few close friends as opposed to a large group, it just feels more personal and I like having those special people that really understand me. I also have a hard time finding people that like the same things I do, but I still have 3 more years to meet so many different people. I am really close now with my roommate, Michaela, and we are even rooming together next year!




I miss them so much. I find myself getting homesick a lot and wanting to sleep in my own bed and wake up being home. I have a very close relationship to my parents, especially my mom who has always been the shoulder to cry on. But I know I am growing up and time away is sometimes MUCH NEEDED. I do like to see my dad at least once a week because he drives to work near my college (we only live 45 mins away). I also am in desperate need of some lovin from my puppy and kitteh 😦 (I’m home for the weekend so my life is complete) 


I think I have mentioned this a few times but I am moving past that phase of “recovery” and moving onto LIFE. I don’t define myself as “a recovery solider” or “someone that had an eating disorder”. Do you still call yourself a fetus? I sure hope not, because sorry to break it to you but you are outta the womb and you just gotta blossom. I am Emily. I will create who I am today and for the rest of my life. Healthy, happy, strong, and using what I know to help others do the same 😉


Still lifting. Still little cardio. I currently lift either 3-5 days a week with maybe 1-2 days of cardio like HIIT for 15 minutes or some elliptical work. To be honest, I only do cardio if I’m feeling it. I personally find going for a long walk much more enjoyable for me. And hey, everyone is different! I’m maintaining my weight doing what I do and I am cool with dat. My focus is improving the weight I lift and getting a bit stronger. Yeah, some days I wish I looked a certain way or had a certain body type… but you can’t wish for curly hair if you were born with straight right? GENETICS YO. Sorry, I’m using a lot of hella good metaphors.  

Random Things:

My body is adapting to getting up at the crack of dawn, so bye bye sleeping in on the weekends!

I accidentally wrote “Committee of Pubic Safety” on my history exam instead of PUBLIC. I still made an A  😀

Literally could not sleep when I saw the season finale of The Walking Dead.

My nut butter stash is strangely low so please comment some of your favorites!!!!

If you are still reading… I love you ❤

I want to move to Arizona (or somewhere out west) when I graduate because I love the warm and sunny climate. Any one live out there and can offer me some advice if you like it or not??

Enjoy this picture of a koala:








13 Comments Add yours

  1. superfitbabe says:

    Glad that everything is going very well for your academics wise, social wise and fitness wise!! I wish you the best for everything else 😊


    1. Emmy says:

      Thanks girly!


  2. Lyss says:

    So happy things are going well, I miss you!! We should skype or facetime someitme 🙂 love you ❤


    1. Emmy says:

      That would be fun!


  3. Kelsey Reece says:

    Keep working hard for that internship! From one dietetic student to another, I know exactly how challenging and intensive the coursework can be. I thought I had no chance in the world at an internship, but hard work pays off. Good luck girl!


    1. Emmy says:

      Thank you so much! I’m not too nervous because my grades are good but I’m hoping having this experience will help 🙂


      1. Kelsey Reece says:

        And feel free to reach out if you have questions!


  4. Denisse Cristina says:

    Girl! Are you near Atlanta????


    1. Emmy says:

      No I live in TN


  5. I’ve lived in Portland my whole life and absolutely love it. It’s got a little bit of everything; my house is ten minutes away from the city and an hour away from the beach AND the mountain! You can make anything a day trip, which is awesome. Also, there’s tons of cool places to hike and explore nearby…basically, I love it. There’s something for everyone 🙂


    1. Emmy says:

      Haha I’m not a big fan of the cold though, doesn’t it get cold?


  6. YES, you are not an eating disorder, and you never will be. You are a blessing with the way you are moving on and growing.


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