Update on Life 4/9/16

I decided to do a mini update on certain parts of my life I don’t share as personally with you all. Things have been really up and down, good moods, bad moods, body positive, and shitty days as well. But I wouldn’t be human if I had the “perfect” life. So here we go:


I’m doing very well academically, I am now apart of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and made the Dean’s List! I currently am taking Chemistry plus a weekly lab, Psychology, World History, Theatre and an online Medical Terminology class. May not seem like much, but the work does pile on if you don’t manage your time wisely. I am doing my best to keep my GPA up to increase my chances of getting into a very competitive dietetic internship after I graduate. I’m hoping to get a job this summer working in a nursing home or hospital to build my experience.


I am not the biggest social butterfly out there. That doesn’t mean I don’t like hanging out with people, just not every night like majority of the people here. I prefer having a few close friends as opposed to a large group, it just feels more personal and I like having those special people that really understand me. I also have a hard time finding people that like the same things I do, but I still have 3 more years to meet so many different people. I am really close now with my roommate, Michaela, and we are even rooming together next year!




I miss them so much. I find myself getting homesick a lot and wanting to sleep in my own bed and wake up being home. I have a very close relationship to my parents, especially my mom who has always been the shoulder to cry on. But I know I am growing up and time away is sometimes MUCH NEEDED. I do like to see my dad at least once a week because he drives to work near my college (we only live 45 mins away). I also am in desperate need of some lovin from my puppy and kitteh 😦 (I’m home for the weekend so my life is complete) 


I think I have mentioned this a few times but I am moving past that phase of “recovery” and moving onto LIFE. I don’t define myself as “a recovery solider” or “someone that had an eating disorder”. Do you still call yourself a fetus? I sure hope not, because sorry to break it to you but you are outta the womb and you just gotta blossom. I am Emily. I will create who I am today and for the rest of my life. Healthy, happy, strong, and using what I know to help others do the same 😉


Still lifting. Still little cardio. I currently lift either 3-5 days a week with maybe 1-2 days of cardio like HIIT for 15 minutes or some elliptical work. To be honest, I only do cardio if I’m feeling it. I personally find going for a long walk much more enjoyable for me. And hey, everyone is different! I’m maintaining my weight doing what I do and I am cool with dat. My focus is improving the weight I lift and getting a bit stronger. Yeah, some days I wish I looked a certain way or had a certain body type… but you can’t wish for curly hair if you were born with straight right? GENETICS YO. Sorry, I’m using a lot of hella good metaphors.  

Random Things:

My body is adapting to getting up at the crack of dawn, so bye bye sleeping in on the weekends!

I accidentally wrote “Committee of Pubic Safety” on my history exam instead of PUBLIC. I still made an A  😀

Literally could not sleep when I saw the season finale of The Walking Dead.

My nut butter stash is strangely low so please comment some of your favorites!!!!

If you are still reading… I love you ❤

I want to move to Arizona (or somewhere out west) when I graduate because I love the warm and sunny climate. Any one live out there and can offer me some advice if you like it or not??

Enjoy this picture of a koala:







WIAW: Intuitively Planning

Happy Wednesday guys! I’m currently sitting here with a profound headache most likely due to Chem homework plus waking up at 5 am. HAHAHA no. I am taking a break to show you all the full day of eats I had today (Tuesday).

After my morning workout, I was the first one to stop by Einstein’s to get a bagel. I never can decide what I want to get because they have so many options…. I saw the thintastic asparagus mushroom one, ordered it, halfway through eating I realized my order was wrong and they gave me the spinach, mushroom, swiss on a regular bagel. To be honest, I was a little bothered by it and wanted to complain but it ended up being very tasty and satisfying. I also had a spotty banana for extra carbzzzz and potassi-yum 😉

I mentioned before I sometimes eat in my dorm for an easy fix. I have here about 1 cup whole wheat pasta mixed with zoodles tossed in a light coat of olive oil, a crumbled up bison patty from Whole Foods, a touch of basil pesto, and a laughing cow wedge that got all melty when I microwaved it. OH, and BREAD… (more carby fun :D)

Between my 2 long classes, I snacked on a cherry Square bar! If you haven’t had one of these before, they are legit like eating a chocolate bar. No weird proteiny flavor or texture, made with organic brown rice protein with a chocolate coating and around 13g protein for a square! That’s a win in my book. When I got back to the dorm I had some almonds but I didn’t think it was picture worthy.

I knew I was going to have a busy night and just didn’t feel like eating in the dining hall so I go dinner to-go. Some kind of chicken with piccata sauce, brown rice, buttery green beans, and some kale for those micro nutrients! I wished I had gotten a second chicken boob because it tasted like angels made it.

To end the night with a bang, I warmed up a Cinnamon Apple Mighty Muffin for only 27 seconds instead of the recommended 35. Why? Because I have found that it ends up being SO much more moist. I HATE when a good mugcake dries out and you can barely swallow it and choke your brains out. No bueno. This came out perfectly, leaving the center slightly gooey with soft cinnamon apple chunks! I also had a whole apple(no all pictured) with a spoon of Wild Friends pumpkin spice peanut butter! I am so sad I am almost out of this crack 😦

When I say I “intuitively plan”, I mean that I have an idea of what I will eat the next day but I don’t revolve my world around it. It’s good for me to have some idea because it is SO EASY in college to get behind on intake if I’m not careful. If its not classes, its homework. If its not a meeting, its making time to see friends. There is barely any free time until the end of the day but I would much rather not eat a days worth of food all in one sitting. This works for me. I can be flexible and change some things based on what sounds good or if someone wants to go somewhere with me to eat. College should be challenging, not overwhelming.  🙂

Questions for YOU:

Are you an intuitive eater?

How to you cope with change?

Favorite square bar flavor?

Ben and Jerry’s Salted Caramel Brownie Ice Cream Review

Let me tell you a little about this hot date with Ben and Jerry a couple weeks ago… It involves caramel…. 😉  For starters, it had been A VERY LONG TIME since I had a pint or any ice cream in general. I dunno why really because it’s so dayummm good even if it is cold outside. But cravings grew and it only took me a trip to Walmart to make this happen. I was STOKED when I saw they still were carrying the limited edition Salted Caramel Brownie New Belgium flavor! Verdict: 20/10

When I took the first scoop out, I immediately was greeted with big chunks of chocolate brownies that were in fact ooegy, gooey, and not at all dry! Among the vast richness of brownies were gobs of sweet caramel. Oh Lord, the caramel ❤ I can’t believe there was a time in my life I hated the stuff!! Glad my taste buds made a change for the better 🙂 Because not one bite was boring throughout this entire pint.

Oh and before I forget to mention, the base doesn’t taste like beer at all. At least to me, but it has it’s own unique sweet flavor that is distinguishable from plain ole vanilla. This flavor definitely ranks as one of my new favorites along with milk n cookies and half baked 🙂

What is your favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor?

Are you a caramel fan or not?