An Obsessed Society


I am an observer. For as long as I can remember, I don’t tend to overlook the little things. What I have observed over this past year of being in college is obsessions with people being glued to their phone. So, what happened? What happened to making small talk with the person beside you while waiting for class to start? What happened to that face-to-face interaction to truly get to know someone? We live in an obsessed society.

Obsessed with social media, the way our bodies look, the calories we eat in a day, the number of steps we take, being the first to know about the latest celebrity gossip…

It kind of breaks my heart.

What ever happened to the free spirited and carefree? Why do we feel the need to invest every breathing moment worrying about things that won’t even matter a month from now?

Do you want to look back in 5 years and regret not talking to that cute guy in class/at work? Do you want all of your memories to be that your FitBit told you how well you did that day or that you chose not to go to a party because of the food that was going to be served? What kind of life is that? Controlled.

This is your chance to break the cycle.

Put down your phone for a few hours a day! I DARE you. Think you could do it?

Separate yourself from what you think is “real life” and actually go out and live REAL LIFE. You would not believe how amazing it feels! SO FREE. Do your own thing, be your own person, show others the wonderful human being you are.

And when you do use social media, don’t let it consume you. Don’t allow some random person across the country interfere with YOU. If they are eating a damn piece of lettuce for lunch and running 5 miles a day, doesn’t mean you have to. If someone has a flat stomach, doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself to achieve the same thing. That person probably has genetics that allow them to have that shape… but who is to say that your shape isn’t hot? You are one sexy beast ya know.

It seems like a norm for people to wear fitness watches and to track every morsel of food they put in their bodies…. but in the end, is that the happiest way to live?

You don’t need to know everything. Think about some of the best memories you have. Do they involve any of that? Because I know for sure I have some of the best memories of being spontaneous and treating myself. I do not remember those days eating alone.

My point being, start living. You may or may not do any of the things above but then again you might do, just not realize it. The next time you come across something that rubs you the wrong way, look away and ask yourself if that’s something that is doing you good.


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  1. priceofahealthylife says:

    I have actually been thinking about this a lot lately! People are so fixed on what everyone else is doing that they wind up neglecting themselves. The problems and triumphs that other people experience become our own, and that’s scary! I’ve gotten into the habit of turning my phone off during the day, and it’s helped with my presence and my overall thought-process. Love this post!


    1. Emmy says:

      I’m glad you can see it too!


  2. I’ve gotten into the habit of not bringing my phone onto campus when I’m going to class and it makes a world of difference! I have to look around and observe the world, I love it! Great thoughts, Em ❤


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