WIAW + Casual Sunday Nothingness

With me trying to cut back from my social media use, I have been posting less every day eats on Instagram for the sake of my own mental sanity. I love being able to support as many people as I can but it can be really draining always feeling like I “need” to post. That’s why I’ve put together a full day of eats for you all that took place on Sunday!

Breakfast: Sundays are for resting, sleeping in, and enjoying time with my family when they don’t have to work. It’s funny to think sleeping in for me is 7:30 am…. I blame school and my internal clock. Nevertheless, if I get tired later on I make sure to take a nap 🙂 Luckily, I prepared some yummy coconut overnight oats the night prior and they were SO THICK! I got the recipe from a good friend of mine (Abby you know who you are) and I will for sure be making these again. Topped it with blueberry hemp granola and a dollop of white chocolate coconut cashew butter.I also had some bread n butter because I am trying to increase my intake and every little bit more to meals counts 😉


Since the weather has been sunny and strangely not super cold, my mom and I ventured to a trail not too far from home and took a nice walk. Being outside and getting fresh air really clears my mind and just makes me feel great!


Lunch: After our walk, I really wasn’t hungry but knew I had to have lunch regardless. Settled for some cold pizza that my fam had the night prior and to be honest, cold pizza isn’t too bad. I am definitely more a fan of it hot but it reminds me of my childhood 🙂


I got my hair all did after lunch…. Let’s just say I’m not a fan and will spare you all the picture (didn’t even take one) Not that it’s so terrible but they never seem to get it right. I like my hair tousled and wavy but they do the opposite….

Snackyy: I was craving something sweet (which I usually do for snacks) so I had a bowl of cinnamon oatmeal squares with “protein milk”. I haven’t tried this before but people give it a lot of hype and it wasn’t bad. Also two cutie clementines straight outta the fridge.

For the milk, just mix 1 cup milk with a scoop of whey protein powder of your choice. I chose vanilla 🙂
Dinner: I have had a recipe for Garlic Tomato Chicken meatballs for a long time but hadn’t tried it yet. I’m always so skep about trying new ones not knowing if it will turn out okay and having my family eat it! But these were DELICIOUS! Both my brother and my dad complimented it and they are just so picky. I paired it with a big heaping of quinoa chickpea blend with sauteed spinach and veggies. I love meatballs 😉


Nightly Snackin: For the longest time, I have ALWAYS had a night snack. It helps me sleep better and I have been in recovery on and off for 5 years… so snacks are needed and my body likes the fuel. I know even once I am fully weight restored, I will still eat the same way I do now. Perks of speeding your metabolism up 😉 I more often then not end it with a sweet tooth so I made a yogurt bowl with chia seeds, more blueberry granola (seriously addicted right now), sliced banana, and a big spoonful of almond butter! I may have snacked on some buttersnap pretzels as well because my mom loves those and now I can see why!! ❤hhh

Do you have a favorite granola brand?

Sweet or Salty foods?



9 Comments Add yours

  1. blondepancake says:

    All these eats look delish! Proud of you every single day Emily 🙂


  2. superfitbabe says:

    Kith and Thyme granola is DELICIOUS–completely wholesome, vegan and gluten free as well! All of these meals look amazing, especially your oats, chicken meatballs and nighttime snack! I always have one as well–I put in Greek yogurt, Stevia, cacao or cinnamon, and some healthy cereal!


  3. Lyss says:

    I love Love Grown granola and bear naked! And I like sweet foods better. BTW-would definitely hire you to be my personal chef, all of this looks SO good.


  4. Sweet foods are way better! I have never thought to try making protein milk for my cereal! Great post


  5. Oh man, I haven’t had cold pizza in forever, but sometimes I crave it! And overnight oats are THE BOMB. Had some this morning 🙂


  6. Nicole Rosalyn says:

    Sweets over salty ANY DAY.
    Fave granola: Jessica’s gluten free chocolate chip granola. OMG CRACK 😀


    1. Emmy says:

      Where can I find that granola? 🙂


  7. I 100% agree that night snacking does help me sleep better! :)) That yogurt bowl looks so perfectly balanced. Oh, and one of my VERY favorite granolas is My Favorite Indulgence. It’s SOOO good! :)))


  8. P says:

    I need to get on board the cold pizza train, haha!! That night snack bowl though….looks SO GOOD.


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