New Year- New Emmy


Is it me or did 2015 just fly by faster than a blink of an eye? With so much time dedicated to school, family issues, and recovering on top of that- time is something you crave more of. 2015 was a pretty good year. I got a lot accomplished:

  • graduating high school with honors
  • gaining 15 pounds of life
  • mending relationships with my friends
  • overcoming my fear of irrational things
  • surviving my first semester of college
  • meeting new people and experiencing new things
  • learning how to adult and pumping gas for the first time

and probably more things I just can’t think of at the moment… 😉she grad

I tend to set smaller goals instead of larger ones because it’s easier on my brain and gives me a more reasonable expectation for myself. I plan to make 2016 a MUCH better year. These are some goals I set for myself and I WILL accomplish them:

  • gaining about 5-10 more lbs
  • getting my period back
  • being less of a perfectionist and going with the flow
  • getting a job over the summer (my first job…)
  • accepting the things I cannot change about my body and loving it for what it is
  • become closer with both my brothers
  • become an intuitive eater once I am where my body needs to be
  • making new friends at college since I tend to isolate myself too much
  • spend less time on social media comparing
  • get stronger 🙂

Just some thoughts in my head right now and I may think of more down the line. There are really so many perks to being healthy- but I over anything I do want to be happier. I don’t want to stress out over the little things and I sure as hell don’t want to spend my life trying to be someone else’s version of perfect. Screw the people that tell you that you aren’t perfect just the way you are when you are at a healthy weight. The people that matter most in your life are the ones that love you no matter the number on the scale or the size of your jeans (hahaha who wears jeans anymore?!) And most importantly, you cannot expect to love someone until you love yourself first. I have tried and there is a big part of it taken away.

I hope you all make better choices for yourself this year. No, that does not mean the latest detox diet or going to the gym for hours daily. Find YOUR true healthy, find YOUR true happy. Absolutely no one in this world can force you to change, it all comes from within. And love, you are strong.

What is one of your goals for 2016?

Who is one person that takes all your worries away?






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  1. recoveringforchocolate says:

    You’ve inspired my new year’s resolution- to wear pants as little as possible 😉


    1. Emmy says:

      #teamnopants 😉


  2. superfitbabe says:

    Congratulations on all of your accomplishments–graduation, weight gain, recovery, college and change. I cannot wait to see what you have in store next and I wish you the best of luck! My goals are to share more fitness-related posts on my blog, and to just see what I have to fix about myself as 2016 rolls on!


  3. Floey says:

    Those are some awesome goals! One of mine is also to definitely gain about 10-15lbs this year. #Gaintrain


  4. alyssac1129 says:

    you have come so far this year em, can’t wait to see all the amazing things you accomplish in 2016!! xoxo


  5. Heck yes!! It’s been such a privilege “meeting” you in the blog world in 2015, and I am so stoked for what is to come in 2016 for you, Emmy. You are a resilient young woman, and I know you can tackle all of your goals — mental, physical, spiritual, etc. ♥︎

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