Update on life lately! 12/14/15

Hey guys! Long time no post. Well let me tell you, college definitely kicked my booty this semester. I really went in with a good attitude and was in a great place in my recovery. I had just reached a minimum healthy weight and planned to maintain it and just focus on school and my social life. The first 2 months went pretty well… I was eating out a lot with people I didn’t know and breaking out a lot of my comfort zone. However, stress had a way of creeping into my life really quick.

I am going to be honest with you all and say the intake I was consuming before college had dropped when I started school for a few reasons. First, my schedule had been ALL over the place because I had joined 3 groups plus the busy every day routine I had. It became way too much for my brain to handle. I found at the end of the day my intake was just not where it needed to be.

I really did not have intentions on losing weight. Nada, just no. I was finally at a place where I could accept my body but I tried to intuitive eat and it just didn’t work. Not sure if I am just not ready or what because I wasn’t feeding myself enough for my body’s needs.

Luckily, I only dropped like 2 pounds. I don’t weigh myself hardly ever because the number doesn’t play a huge role in my life but I was curious one day to see if I was on track. No worries because I am going to spend my holiday break increasing my intake and weight back where it needs to be. I even plan on gaining a few more pounds to not be at the “minimum”.

It has been a solid 5 years without a normal menstrual cycle and boy do I desperately need that back. Whether or not I plan to have kids someday, the option would be nice and obviously if my body is not giving me any signs of hormones, I am not healthy enough. While it does scare me to imagine myself bigger when I already see a healthy enough person in the mirror, I know what needs to be done.

Aside from all that mumble jumble, I am home for a good 5 weeks and feel soooo happy! I get to cook again (which is obviously something I adore) and see my family more often. No need for stressing about deadlines, and sleeping in sounds amazing. I am going up north for Christmas to see my extended family but other than that I don’t plan on doing much but working on my goals.

So I want to ask you….

Has anyone else had to go through this?

What is your favorite Christmas movie?




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  1. slatevilleals says:

    Hey! I absolutely love this post and how open you are about your recovery journey. I 100% understand what you are going through, especially with the first semester of college! I think I left home too soon in recovery, and it made college (though enjoyable at times) a struggle. Being on the minimum of a healthy weight is a good start – I’m there too – but it’s always better to be above that minimum. Imagine if something were to go wrong and you were to get sick…you need that buffer! And what you said about kids is totally true. 🙂

    Keep on fighting towards recovery and remember your goals!!


  2. RecoverInParis says:

    I’m absolutely terrible at maintaining my weight without constant checkups on the scale. I’m learning on breaking this habit,becuase I too really need my period back… after 1 year it’s making me nervous, so I fell so bad that you’ve gone through that anxiety of it being missing for 5 years! A bit of a weight buffer is good to have, your right (I probably need to take that advice as well) Good luck!


  3. I think that the best thing for me was actually eating a little bit more than I thought I needed, and my body finally started to maintain. I got scared when it went up and up, but it was really God’s test of my trust in Him, and not myself. ❤ I'm thankful to say that my body is weight restored now, and I even have my cycle! It's been such a long road. ❤ Healing will come. Just don't give up!!!!


  4. superfitbabe says:

    Glad to see you back! I’ve also had some menstruation problems and I need to figure out how to get that problem solved! Anyways, I wish you the best of luck and you deserve the best after all that hard work in college! My favorite has always been Elf for sure!


    1. Emmy says:

      Thanks girl! 🙂


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