Dealing With Stress

As you all know, I am a college student. That being said, stress is quite the friend of mine. I am taking really time-consuming classes such as anatomy, lab, algebra, english, public speaking, and some university experience class.
There is never a time I am not  working on a paper or a project of some sort. I also have joined 2 groups that require volunteer hours and I must show up to their weekly meetings.

There is just not enough hours in the day…..

I am finally getting into the routine of things and figuring out when I have time for eating and socializing.

Just because I feel like crawling into a ball and crying because of the amount of things that need to be done, I take deep breaths and reassure myself. Instead of looking at the big picture, I take it day by day. I make a list of all the things I need to do in one day and focus on that. I’ll deal with tomorrow when it comes.

It’s okay to cry. I think I have done it at least once a week since I have moved in and ITS OKAY! Bottling up your emotions only leads to break downs in the long run and snapping at someone at someone innocent. (I know I am guilty of that)

I don’t take out my feelings on my eating habits. Eating intuitively is new to me I will admit, but I am listening to my body even though I question myself a lot. If I am still hungry after eating, I grab a snack or dessert to satisfy me. Without being fully satisfied, you might obsessively think about food until the next time you eat. It’s also OKAY to eat a spontaneous treat that you are not hungry for. That is called balance.


I do sincerely apologize for neglecting my blog. But realistically, by the time I am finished with my day and all my work, I have a snack and lights out! Sleep is one of the key factors of success in college. For sure.

I hope to update again shortly!

Anyone have any blog topics you would like me to write about!?


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    1. Emmy says:

      Thanks for the link love girly! 🙂


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