How I’ve Grown


It’s amazing how much one can change in the span of one year.

I used to be the girl that threw away food when no one was looking, now I’m the girl that licks the plate.

I used to think of all the ways to burn calories, now I can focus on things that matter in life.

I don’t force myself to go on a walk if I don’t want to

I let myself eat things off my plate before I sit down at the table

I don’t plan meals ahead, I eat intuitively

I enjoy a good nap every now and again

I can eat at restaurants without just ordering a salad and really enjoy it

I don’t think twice about eating a meal or a snack

I don’t religiously do crunches all day, it’s a waste of time

I take way less pictures of my body

I wear clothes that make me feel good, not to show off or hide away my body

I voice if I’m struggling instead of lying to myself

I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be strong

I don’t want a model body, I want to find true happiness

Change doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process and it’s worth it ❤


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