WIAW: Intuitive Eating

Happy Wednesday everyone! I am sorry I haven’t been keeping up at much with this blog. But this is a good thing. I am doing more with my life and finding what makes me more happy. However, I was able to take a day to show you all what I ate.

I started off by going to the dining hall with some girls on my floor. I got some pancakes with vanilla yogurt and some fantastic spiced quinoa porridge with lots of cinnamon added!

This held me over for a long day of classes.

I decided to join my friends for lunch at the campus restaurant. It has so many options and I love variety! I got the chicken ranch wrap with grilled vegetables. It looks a lot smaller than it was because they use huge plates! 

When I finished my last class of the day I was sooo hungry! My body was craving something sweet so I picked my favorite vanilla almond luna bar and the rest of my carton of blueberries.   I don’t usually eat alone unless other people are busy so I grabbed dinner with one of my friends. I enjoy the dining hall the best because there are lots of options to try new things. I got chicken, spinach tomoto orzo, black beans, peas and my favorite veggie of all- broccoli 🙂  If I have a lot of work to do, I end up having something dense so I don’t spend too much time eating. I’m learning to be okay with having 2 bars in one day if it sounds good or if I need it.  Chocolate things are always welcome to me so I had these plus some milk. If you haven’t had these Justin’s almond butter and pretzel packs, they are delicious! I find them at Target☺️

  So tell me….

Are you an intuitive eater?

Favorite Luna bar flavor?


5 thoughts on “WIAW: Intuitive Eating

  1. Emily Swanson says:

    I wish I was an intuitive eater, but I’m definitely working on it. It’s not easy to get back to it when you get used to counting calories. And I’ve never tried a Luna bar, so I’m not sure what’s my favorite flavor.


  2. watchheremerge says:

    Wow, your dining halls are so much nicer than the ones I faced in college! That is a great environment for practicing intuitive eating since you have both company and variety (both are blessings and ED hates them!) I am challenged in that I live at home, alone, and am responsible for making all of my own food, which leads to a lot of repetition and eating alone.


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