WIAW: Intuitive Eating


Happy Wednesday everyone! I am sorry I haven’t been keeping up at much with this blog. But this is a good thing. I am doing more with my life and finding what makes me more happy. However, I was able to take a day to show you all what I ate.

I started off by going to the dining hall with some girls on my floor. I got some pancakes with vanilla yogurt and some fantastic spiced quinoa porridge with lots of cinnamon added!

This held me over for a long day of classes.

I decided to join my friends for lunch at the campus restaurant. It has so many options and I love variety! I got the chicken ranch wrap with grilled vegetables. It looks a lot smaller than it was because they use huge plates! 

When I finished my last class of the day I was sooo hungry! My body was craving something sweet so I picked my favorite vanilla almond luna bar and the rest of my carton of blueberries.   I don’t usually eat alone unless other people are busy so I grabbed dinner with one of my friends. I enjoy the dining hall the best because there are lots of options to try new things. I got chicken, spinach tomoto orzo, black beans, peas and my favorite veggie of all- broccoli 🙂  If I have a lot of work to do, I end up having something dense so I don’t spend too much time eating. I’m learning to be okay with having 2 bars in one day if it sounds good or if I need it.  Chocolate things are always welcome to me so I had these plus some milk. If you haven’t had these Justin’s almond butter and pretzel packs, they are delicious! I find them at Target☺️

  So tell me….

Are you an intuitive eater?

Favorite Luna bar flavor?


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  1. Emily Swanson says:

    I wish I was an intuitive eater, but I’m definitely working on it. It’s not easy to get back to it when you get used to counting calories. And I’ve never tried a Luna bar, so I’m not sure what’s my favorite flavor.


  2. emrecovers says:

    I’m going to start working on intuitive eating with my dietician soon. Looks like you have some delicious cafeteria food!!! And my favorite Luna Bar is the Carmel Nut Brownie


  3. Wow, your dining halls are so much nicer than the ones I faced in college! That is a great environment for practicing intuitive eating since you have both company and variety (both are blessings and ED hates them!) I am challenged in that I live at home, alone, and am responsible for making all of my own food, which leads to a lot of repetition and eating alone.


  4. Floey says:

    What kind of yogurt do they have at your dining hall?


    1. Emmy says:

      No idea, definitely not greek


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