Never Giving Up



Sometimes, we lose motivation. We don’t feel like there isn’t any reason to get better, stay better, to eat, to be social, to have fun like everyone else. But your life has sooooo many reasons and you are still entitled to all of those things despite those temporary emotions. There is always a reason to keep fighting.

Your family

They love you unconditionally. Whether you have a good or bad relationship, there is always going to be love there. You were brought into this world for a very good reason. They want nothing more than to see you rise above your obstacles and achieve great things. I don’t think I would be the person I am today without them.

You are stronger than you think


All it takes is the internal motivation and power. You can do so many things that you tell yourself you can’t. It may take lots of practice and set backs but progress is far better than standing still or going back. Take some time and recognize what you have achieved and be your own cheerleader.

Prove the haters wrong

There will always be people that don’t believe in you. Prove them wrong. Go the extra mile because I will tell you there is nothing better and more self-satisfactory than beating something you once thought impossible.

Be patient

It takes time. I have heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit. That’s almost a MONTH! But if you keep pushing and pushing for those first uncomfortable days or weeks, it will be SO WORTH THE PUSHING! Deep breaths really help 🙂

Remember the ones that have it worse

As sad as it is, there are people out there with absolutely nothing, They have to beg for money, food, and shelter every day. Be happy that you don’t have to go through that, Count your blessings.

If other people can do it- SO CAN YOU

obstacles Don’t play the “helpless victim” and cheat your own self. You have the power just like every other soul. Take care of your self and don’t wait or expect others to do it for you. Believe in yourself and don’t rely on people pleasing. You know it is possible. It doesn’t have to be a dream.


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