WIAW: First week in college


  Hey guys! I am going to show you all a day in the life at college. Last week was very laid back and we had a lot of meetings to attend. 

 I started off my morning with an english muffin with cream cheese, microwaved egg whites and raspberries and banana. I sat in the lounge so I wouldn’t wake up my roommate. 

 I have been trying a lot of the places around campus besides the dining hall. This place called JuiceBlendz is awesome! I got a turkey club with a strawberry mamba smoothie. I think the smoothie has yogurt, strawberries, honey and something else I don’t really remember…. I took this before sitting outside with the girls on my floor 🙂

 We had a small break in between meetings so I went back and had a quick snack of peanut butter crackers. My roommate gave them to me since she has a whole box and this is before I went grocery shopping. 
For dins I grabbed a burrito bowl with a friend. It had chicken, cheese,  beans and a bunch of other stuff on a bed of brown rice! Pretty good I must say but I’m disappointed that guac isn’t apart of the meal plan and would have been extra.  My eating schedule has definitely been different every single day. Being flexible is very important in college and it’s a good skill to have for life in general. I don’t remember how late it was but I had a chocolate cookie from Subway.  

3 Comments Add yours

  1. km1861 says:

    how are things going? is it easier than you thought? any unexpected struggles?


  2. Floey says:

    Yum. I love those peanut butter crackers


  3. So happy you are getting to actually experience college like a college student should. You only get to do it once in your life, and you’ll always look back on it fondly if you are truly participating in it (vs. living in the haze of an ED).


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