Gaining More Than Pounds



Recovering is not just about the weight. Recovering is fighting for your actual life back as well. Fighting a nasty disorder brings out a whole new person. You might not be the same person you were before but it’s because you have gone through a life changing situation. Nothing in the world wrong with that- take what you know and use that knowledge to make you a better person.

Awesome Recovery Perks:

  • Strong, shiny hair
  • Being able to have a genuine smile and laugh
  • Curves are hot, Bones are not!
  • A face full of life and color
  • Double D’s and juicy doubles (lol….. sadly not for me)
  • Not having to set the house to 80 F to feel warm
  • Better sleep and sleeping In
  • My period! (almost there)
  • Not spending hours of your day worrying about food and working out
  • Developing relationships
  • Loving your body
  • Spontaneous meals
  • Walking up the stairs without feeling like you are dying
  • Shaving arm pits because they were too concave before 
  • You heal so much faster!
  • You are able to tan- being nutrient and vitamin deficient from unproper nutrition makes it impossible to get a nice tan (vitamin D)
  • Creativity. I totally lost the will to get creative and do productive things that made me happy
  • Motivation. I don’t always feel motivated but when I am, I am more able to do the task right.
  • Shopping is…. FUN? YES! Body confidence is tricky but you know how amazing it is to try on clothes and it actually fits instead of making you feel more sad. Empowering.

I know there are far more spectacular things I probably didn’t mention but these are definitely positive perks I have discovered by sticking to recovery. It wasn’t easy at all, but nothing ever truly worth it is a piece of cake (pun intended). It can be difficult to remember all the amazing things you are gaining when it seems like the weight is the only thing but I promise you it’s not! You are becoming more and more beautiful the closer you get to healthy. ❤


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  1. Alex Katz says:

    I love this☺️ thanks for making me smile and inspiring me to work harder to kick my ED’s booty!

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  2. Christina says:

    This post has put the biggest smile on my face!! Yes yes yes to everything.

    I’m 4 months into recovery after 2.5 years of under eating & over exercising and I never want to go back.

    I am so excited (and a bit scared of course) about how much more I am experiencing now that I’m…well…eating decent amounts of food!

    I enjoyed multiple dinners out last week for my birthday, enjoyed pizza & drinks at a friends place to celebrate some happy news for them, enjoyed some treats that got shared around the office yesterday.

    And don’t get me wrong it’s not all about the food at all, I just CANT believe how many good moments with people how I have missed out on because of my eating disorder. I would never have gone to my friends house if there was pizza there – I would have stayed home alone with some safe food. Instead I got to laugh and celebrate with them.

    And I have so much more concentration at work – I’m not hanging to go home at the end of the day because I’m nearly passing out. My boss has commented on my performance which has improved ten fold.

    And I never realised that was why I couldn’t shave my armpits and all my friends could!! Haha.

    Keep fighting – it’s too good not to be a part of out there!! Xx

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    1. What a great reply to a fantastic post!


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