Getting Settled In College!

Wow. College is so unbelievably different than what I was used to at home. To sum it up: a LOT more walking, never having alone time, and most meals are out.

Not going to lie, the first day I felt like I was going to pass out from exhaustion. Moving was stressful and so hot. After finally getting my room the way I wanted I felt a little better.


IMG_5068These are some views of my new casa. Do you spy the minion? 😉 I had to get a double step stool because I am really short and the bed is meant for bigfoot. My mini fridge has a mini freezer that I shall fill with ice cream and shtuff. The blue and black cabinets are basically my pantry with various nut butters, protein bars and powders, granola bars, popcorn, crackers and more assortment of goodies. I love my space 🙂 You can see more pictures on my Instragram (@emmy.vazquez) for some more sneak peaks of my college journey.

My roommate is very nice and I didn’t show her side of the room for privacy reasons. I have met several really sweet people and keep meeting more every day. As I write this I just had dinner at the dining hall and have some spare time before a hall meeting. This week is just for freshmen to get settled and to meet people while getting to know the campus as well. My dorms are at the bottom of the huge hill of the campus. My classes are at the very top… Super.

Tomorrow I am planning on seeing what groups or clubs I can join since I won’t be doing Greek life. Volunteering and maybe an intramural sport are what I am looking at.

Many more mini updates are to come 🙂


For those that have gone to college, what clubs did you enjoy?

Was it hard making relationships?


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  1. Alicia says:

    I love how your side of the room turned out! I’m so excited for you 🙂


  2. Awhhhh I love it !! Good luck girl you’re going to love college ❤ I joined be student association and was the marketing advisor! I also was on the mental health awareness committee which was super interesting !


  3. Eating2enjoy says:

    I love your dorm! It is so pretty and organized! Good luck in college! I’m sure once you get the hang of things, you won’t be as anxious and stressed out! Good luck for the upcoming school year! 😊


  4. Hey bb girl 🙂
    Love your space! And you totally hit the nail on the head with your first line about summing up college hahah. I have a few seeds of wisdom to throw at ‘cha. 1) test out your mini fridge’s freezer before stocking up on your fave ice cream. I learned the hard way that a lot of the freezers in mini fridges aren’t cold enough to keep ice cream at frozen consistency when I bought a limited edition tiramisu flavored B&J pint only to have it get completely melted and destroyed in my dorm freezer 😦 You may just have to play around with settings. 2) I used to have to take a running start to get up to my dorm bed it was so high too ;D 3) I think it’s *very wise for you to avoid greek life (at least for now). I’m a little bit biased because living in a sorority and party life turned out to be VERY triggering for my ED, but I still think it’s best to join clubs and focus on a less…drastic…social environment. Proud of you and so excited to see what’s in store.
    Much love,
    Cay/ healthyezsweet


    1. Emmy says:

      Thank you so much for the tips!


  5. Denisse Cristina says:

    Girl, love! Also, what made you decide you didn’t want Greek life?


    1. Emmy says:

      I don’t have the money


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