WIAW: Home Alone


IMG_2454 My parents had left for a long weekend to a wedding and I was in charge of keeping the house in shape. I spent a lot of time with my doggy (Bailey) and 2 cats. They are very entertaining! I’m going to share with you all what I ate the first day on my own.

Breakfast: peanut I had been craving a real peanut butter banana sandwich for so long! I used to have one of these every other day when I was in middle school for lunch. I bought some thicker bread (Dave’s Killer Bread) because it was new in my store and i like trying new things. It definitely is heartier and great for people like me trying to get in denser items. I also paired this with some vanilla greek yogurt and cinnamon 🙂

Lunch: I had to run a few errands across town so since I was out I stopped at Chicfila to get one of my favorite items. Their wrap is amazing and has a lot of flavor! I dipped it in some ranch and finished off some cheeze-its. Balance is key.chick

Snackalackin: white I really don’t remember what I ended up doing that afternoon… swimming perhaps? It’s been in the middle 90’s here and the pool is where I want to be all the time. Not really though because I would be a piece of toast. I do remember having my favorite clif bar! I also had a glass of cow’s milk and carrots with hummus. By the way, I found this new hummus from Whole Foods and it’s delicious! It’s called Cedar’s Artichoke Spinach Hummus. BUY!

Dins: I like having the freedom to make random meals without anyone complaining about something. This is exactly what I wanted and probably one of my favorites: salmon! I LOVE salmon. Not only is it yummy, it’s so rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for the body! I had that with some brown rice, spinach and brussles sprouts sauteed in olive oil. I could eat this every week.salm


I love experimenting in the kitchen. I kind of had a chocolate craving so this happened. I took one of my pancake recipes and just made a BIG mugcake (or bowl cake I should say) out of the batter. It surprisingly turned out really great! The center was firm like a brownie and the outer rim was ooey-gooey. I topped it with Hershey’s chocolate chips and strawberries!


Let me hear from you!

What is one meal you will never get tired of?

Do you like alone time or always being around someone?

Do you have any pets?


9 Comments Add yours

  1. km1861 says:

    i never get tired of peanut butter and banana and i have 2 dogs(:


  2. Eating2enjoy says:

    I can never get tried of my oatmeal! 😍 and I enjoy being alone. I don’t have any pets 😢 but my name is also Bailey! 😊


  3. Hayley says:

    Yum yum yum. I am a big fan of banana and pb sandwiches as well and have been having them a lot lately!


  4. Alexandra says:

    I think I’ll never get tired of sandwiches and wraps 🙂 I have two questions though if it okay, do you normally have 5-6 meals a day and did you ever have to force yourself to eat a snack even when not hungry but you knew you needed the extra calories?


    1. Emmy says:

      I have 3 meals and 2 snacks but sometimes another if I’m hungry. Also, I do eat when I’m not hungry because I have goals I want to hit before I go off to college and I really want my period back. But I make sure I eat plenty of dense foods and foods that I know won’t upset my stomach. Liquids are great for that.


  5. emrecovers says:

    What mug cake recipes do you recommend Emmy? I always fail when I make them!


    1. Emmy says:

      I like all of mine 🙂 haha, I really love the one with pumpkin because the pumpkin makes it very moist and it doesn’t disappoint. I might post another one this week that I have been loving 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Hey! This is like my WIAW last week exactly. 😉 Also, I love that Clif bar! Which I find to be interesting because everywhere else in my life, I am not a fan of white chocolate.

    One meal I never get tired of: grilled cheese
    I NEED alone time, otherwise I get cranky haha.
    I have one beautiful kitty named Snickers!


    1. Emmy says:

      That’s so cute because I have a kitty named Skittles and she definitely could be a Snickers 🙂


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