A To Z Survey


I wanted to do a random post so you guys can know a little more about me! A few friends of mine have done these surveys and it looked fun so here we go:

A- Age: 18 to be…..

B- Biggest Fear: Dying. I know that an obvious one but any thought of death and pain scares me more than anything.

C- Current Time: 10:06

D- Drink You Last Had: Warm Green Tea with lemon

E- Easiest Person To Talk To: My mom. I can tell her the most embarrassing and personal things and never feel too awkward about it or any judgement.

F- Favorite Song: This is an impossible question because if I really like a song I’ll listen to it so much that it becomes annoying… but I really like listening to Photograph by Ed Sheeran right now.

G- Grossest Memory: Dissecting a baby pig. No, I did not sign up for that. D:

H- Hometown: Franklin, Tennessee. I’m a Southern Bell 😉

I- In Love With: Summer and my pets. I could live in heat all year round and never see snow again and be completely satisfied with life. IMG_6040

J-  Jealous Of: Jealousy is a waste of time. Be happy with what you’ve got.

K- Kindest Person You Know: This is an impossible question because there are so many people that I know that do so much for others.

L- Longest Relationship: Only had one boyfriend and it lasted a good 5 months. We were really good friends before too.

M- Middle Name: Ann (no E because I’m cool like that)

N- Number Of Siblings: 2 older brothers, David and Chris. We have gotten a lot closer by the way and that makes me happy

O- One Wish: To wake up one morning without one single worry in the world

P- Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: FATHER

Q- Question You Are Always Asked: “What’s the recipe?!?!”

R-Reason To Smile: Life and all it has to offer ❤

S- Song You Last Listened To: Just a Dream by Nelly. LOL, Pandora….

T- Time You Woke Up: 6:45 with the chickens

U- Underwear Color: Polka dots! Yeah, that’s a color.

V- Vacation Destination: Tropical! I’ve been to Cancun, Florida, and recently South Carolina and loved them all! I want to go back. I am thinking about moving somewhere like SC when I’m done with school 🙂

W- Worst Habit: Procrastinating. What homework…..? Who? Por Que?

X- X-Rays You’ve Had: Hmm, I know I’ve had one for checking to see if I need my wisdom teeth taken out (which needs to happen soon) and another for my knee.

Y- Your Favorite Food: This is like asking a mother who her favorite child is. I love brown foods: peanut butter, bread, oatmeal, meat, chocolate…. YUM

Z- Zodiac Sign: LEO. I have the eye of the tiger. Rawr.


What’s your one wish?

Reason to smile?

Underwear color? 


5 Comments Add yours

  1. alyssac1129 says:

    Same middle name and same spelling of it too!!


  2. Hi Emmy

    I love reading your blog and its great to find out a bit more about you! I have just started blogging and would love to use the ideas in this survey to do my own A-Z post- would it be OK for me to link up with you and use the A-Z prompts?

    Thanks! xx


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