Wrapping Up Summer 2015


Let’s take a moment and try to find out where summer went. Seriously, I can’t find it. I can’t believe this summer is coming to a close 😦  It just went by in a heartbeat.

I took full advantage of this summer as my “last summer being a kid”. I turn 18 on August 14th and 2 days later I am college bound! Excitement and a bit of anxiety fill my heart about it all. I cannot wait to branch out of my comfort zone and meet new people & try new things. This soon-to-be independence is exactly what I need.

Taking this summer to reflect and build myself even more is what is going to lay a good foundation for leaving home. Not only was this summer 10x better than last, but I was able to truly enjoy myself.

I got to SWIM this year which is something that was totally not an option last year. I was far too cold and more uncomfortable with myself.  I am ordering burgers, pizza, pasta, fries, you name it! I don’t really remember the last time I ordered a salad at a restaurant (not including Panera). Truly enjoying every bite!

I have mended relationships with my family. I have noticed my dad and I get along so much better now along with me and my brothers. My mom and I have always been close. I almost forgot to mention that even with extended family, the tension is gone. Such a great feeling to feel apart of the family again.dadbro

I replaced my after lunch walks with naps and time for rest. This has been a HUGE step for me but man do I feel so much better. Of course it wasn’t always this easy but the more and more I did it, the more I became used to it and enjoyed the needed break. I actually feel like I get more things done with that extra 40 minutes.

I care more about my appearance. This may sound silly but even if its something simple like putting on mascara and doing your hair, you will feel so much better with yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I love those lazy, don’t give a damn days, but it does improve my confidence a bit to get fixed up sometimes.

trIn the picture on the left, I wasn’t happy. So I achieved a thigh gap, protruding bones, and had a super low body fat…. but not happiness. The picture on the right is me today. I am still working on finding what makes me happy but I won’t stop until I do. I am a fighter and I won’t let anyone get in the way of my goals. I don’t always feel so great in my body but I accept it. I don’t restrict food or exercise excessively if I’m having a bad day, I just sit with it and put my trust in God.

Summer 2015 beat summer 2014 by a landslide. (Obviously)

I wanna know:

What changes have you made this summer?

Did this summer feel better than the last?

Favorite place you visited this year?


7 Comments Add yours

  1. km1861 says:

    this summer was definitly better than last….tommorow will be a year since I was put in the hospital. I couldnt swim last summer either which sucked because I usually LOVED swimming…my tie was consumed with restricting, calories, and exercise. I was also alone and depressed last summer. This summer I got a job, made some new relationships, swam, not depressed, and have more time to do things with my family since I dont have to worry about whether or when I will get in my run and stuff.. Some changes I made are less exercise, more openness, and positivity. Im still in treatment and have ways to go but Ive also come really far and everything is so different from this time last year and for the better!


    1. Emmy says:

      I’m so glad this summer was better and I bet next sumner will be even more free!


  2. emrecovers says:

    My favorite place I visited this year was Disney World! It is an old family favorite and we go practically every year. Last time we went, my thoughts were consumed with thinking about calories and weight loss and walking as much as I possibly could. This year, I took it a lot easier and enjoyed sleeping in and trying some delicious meals to fuel our long days<3


    1. Emmy says:

      That makes me so happy to hear! You deserve to have a relaxing time just like everyone else❤️

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  3. Agh you sound EXACTLY like me this past summer. I turned 18 on August 1st and then I was ff to my freshman year. You’re going to love it, I just know it! Love all of the progress you’ve made. That is fantastic Emmy!


    1. Emmy says:

      Aww your birthday is tomorrow! Happy early birthday and I hope it is just as amazing as you are<3


  4. Amy @ Health Happiness and Balance says:

    you look incredible emmy and I am so happy that you have found happiness!
    I feel like my summer has been very similar yours, in the sense that I have changed ALOT of my previous bad habits. I exercise way less, I eat way more with tons of variety, and I am a million times happier and healthier:) I am a lot more social this summer than I was last year and I have reconnected with some old friends which has been lovely too:)
    Cornwall was my favourite place so far, but I’m hoping my trip to New Zealand in a couple days will top that!
    Good luck for college, i’m sure you will have an incredibly time and it will really open up your world even more xo


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