Thinking Out Loud: Recovery Collage


Thursdays are meant for Thinking Out Loud! So get ready for a lot of nonsense 😉

This week I have felt really drained and sleepy. I have NO idea why this is. Usually, I am the one that goes and goes all day but I haven’t felt that motivated or full of energy. I’ve felt like sleeping and lying around….

I hate being unproductive so I thought a little project would be healthy to keep me busy. Collages are something I have done since I was a little girl. I really enjoy them and find them really relaxing to do. The topic that first came to mind was motivation. I made this collage for motivation and reflecting on my growth. If you dont know this about me, I like meaningful things. I knew this would serve a purpose so I hung it on my bulletin board 🙂

collThe left is the transformation part and the right are things that I feel are becoming more and more me! I even got crafty and tie dyed the background ❤

This took me about a day in a half because I wasn’t consistently doing it- but it definitely took my mind off things and away from social media for a while. I actually am in the process of creating one for my dorm for college!

This actually really puts me in a mood to tie dye shirts. Hmmmm…….. 🙂

On another note, I gained a pound since last week. Numbers aren’t my main focus however. I take notice of how I feel in my body and be thankful I am another step closer to end the gaining process. I do notice my shorts are tighter and shirts hang off a little different- but different doesn’t have to be bad! This is a change for the better and i’m more & more realizing how much better I feel about myself. 🙂

Anyone have good crafty ideas?

Have you made a collage before?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. emrecovers says:

    This is so cute! I love making DIY projects


  2. hanab325 says:

    Oh my gosh Rebecca what a good idea!


      1. hanab325 says:

        I’m sorry I totally don’t know why I said Rebecca? hahah I must have been half asleep…sorry Emily!!!


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