Orthorexia: Healthy Eating Too Far

“I don’t have an eating disorder anymore. I eat food. Oh but I NEED to have veggies every day and I CANT’ eat what my parents make. Why? Because it’s not healthy enough for me. I need to eat balanced or else I don’t know what I would do” Sound familiar? Ever heard of orthorexia?

Orthorexia is another form of an eating disorder that I feel needs to be addressed. Orthorexia is when people become obsessed with “clean” or healthy eating. I know because I sure struggled with it. After I came home from treatment I was eating but I noticed more and more that my choices were more health conscious.


Orthorexia can be just as disordered as any other eating disorder. It can cause isolation for many people because they don’t feel they can go out and treat themselves to a normal meal with friends or family. They fear the idea of eating anything that is processed or not made by them.


Why I think it is important to watch ones health, I think it gets to a point where it can take over and control you too much. It got to the point I couldn’t eat a family meal because of the way my mom prepared it. That’s RIDICULOUS! My parents would never do anything to harm my health. It breaks my heart to think about criticizing their cooking that came from love just because it wasn’t “good enough” for me.
You don’t need to live like this. You in fact DON’T need to eat “clean foods” or perfectly balanced to be healthy. There isn’t a magic number of fruits and veggies you have to have in a day or how many treats you can have.

If you didn’t have a protein bar one day for a snack, it doesn’t make you an “unhealthy” person for choosing the ice cream or cookie instead.

Please understand that there are no “good” or “bad” foods. All foods do what they need: give you energy to live your life. If you never go out with friends or family and just eat your safe foods and workout all the time, are you truly living?

Listen to your body and if it’s craving something, don’t restrict yourself of that. Life is too damn short to be obsessed with something that shouldn’t have much thought behind it. Go out, have some fun, and don’t put rules on food.

You don’t need to answer these to me, but ask yourself…..

Do you eat certain things because you WANT to or you feel you HAVE to?

Does it make you nervous if things aren’t perfectly portioned?

Are you scared of packaged things or food with sugar?

When is the last time you have a normal family cooked meal?


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  1. emrecovers says:

    I eat with my family every night. and I eat their leftovers for lunches. because I know if I made my own food, I would be unhealthily living off of vegetables and whole grains and bland meats. and I have never been so strong or healthy in my life. I eat ice cream. I eat broccoli. I eat chick fil a. I eat filet mignon. “clean eating” made my mental and physical health weaken


    1. emmyvaz says:

      I eat leftovers sometimes too! I hate seeing food go to waste. It’s also good to eat variety and I’m glad you do that 😊

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  2. km1861 says:

    thats something i was struggling with a little bit too. i wanted to make sure if i was eating i was only eating things “healthy” for you or things that “fit” people need to eat…its definitly better now but didnt know there was a disorder for it!


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