You Don’t Have To Be Underweight To Have An Eating Disorder


You don’t have to be super skinny, in the hospital, or given a feeding tube to have an eating disorder. You don’t have to make the situation worse to get to a critical criteria and harm your body more just so you can pursue recovery. I have gotten many people tell me they don’t feel they are “worthy” enough to recover because they were “never that bad”.

I will tell you this, that is truly your eating disorder trying to make the best of you. I don’t care if that sounds annoying or like something you have heard over and over, it’s because its true.

Your body can handle only so much. Even if you never got to a super low, unhealthy weight, you can still have lots of mental struggles that need to be addressed before it spirals into an even worse problem.


Did you know that their are HEALTHY, non-history of an ED, athletes that still collapse or have heart attacks? It can happen to anyone- most likely when you least expect it.

Whether you restrict, binge, over-exercise, purge, or a combination of them, you still are harming your body in so many ways. It’s destructive and addicting. This is why recovery and Minnie Maud is for everyone.

Scared to increase intake and cut back on exercise because you fear weight gain? It’s really unlikely to happen. Your body will be like “OH MY GOODNESS HALLELUJAH THEY ARE GIVING ME A BREAK”! Water retention and bloating is inevitable, but you have to be patient. Everyone bloats. Celebrities, models, fitness junkies, your parents, your friends, your hamster. It’s what living things do when they eat. Where else would the food digest and nourish your body?

Your metabolism may actually increase if you start treating your body more properly. If you are feeding your body more and learning to rest, you will feel so much better.


I found this picture and if you know you fall into a few of these, don’t feel you you have to deny what you are struggling with. It doesn’t make you a “bad” or “weak” person. No one is perfect either. Just recognize it, be mindful of it, and try your best to overcome it. It literally is so sad the crazy messages you can get in this world nowadays. It helps me to not look at those things that bother me or make me want to engage in obsessive behaviors. Surround yourself with positive people and messages.

If anyone has any questions, email me!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy @ Health Happiness and Balance says:

    Yes emmy! This is such great post, and something I struggled with for so long, I was convinced that I never had a problem because my weight was never critical. I spent years in a restrictive cycle where I was severely damaging my body, recovery has now taught me that there is a lie outside of that, and it is so so much better. Recovery is always worth it!


    1. emmyvaz says:

      I am so happy that you realized what you were doing. You are in a much healthier and better place now:)


  2. emrecovers says:

    I hate hate hate hate hate how people seem to think that they “deserve recovery less” because they weren’t ever hospitalized or because they never passed out or because they were never tube fed.
    This post was great (:


  3. “You don’t look like you have an eating disorder” is one of the most hurtful and unhonest a person can say to someone battling an eating disorder. Weight loss is just one symptom of an eating disorder; there are so many other signs. Wonderful post, Emmy!


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