WIAW 7/8/15

 Hey guys! South Carolina is great! We leave tomorrow and I definitely had an amazing, relaxing time. I am so dark now!! I thought I would share a day of eats with you all while I was here.

Breakfast on the fourth was some chocolatey oatmeal with a large banana and a small coffee because it’s growing on me. Kind of a small breakfast for me but we were having an earlier lunch.

 We go to this River Walk with tons of shops and restaurants. It was so damn hot and the humidity took me for surprise! Obviously I was super hungry so we stopped at this place called Tubby’s. I ordered something that I usually wouldn’t. Bacon. I have used an excuse that I don’t like bacon because I wanted to avoid it at all costs, but I am moving on from that. It’s not my favorite food but I don’t mind it. So lunch was a big jerk chicken breast with melted provolone and 2 thick bacon slices with fries, hush puppies, and coleslaw. Probably wasn’t the best idea to eat spicy food when I was already on fire so I drank like 2 full glasses of water no problem.  Not even 30 minutes later we came up to a frozen yogurt shop. I wasn’t really hungry for it but sometimes that’s okay. It’s OKAY to eat if you aren’t hungry and something sounds good. I got a large chocolate and vanilla swirl with sprinkles. So refreshing on a humid day.  It was definitely a long day. It took us forever to check in and then my parents wanted to go to the poll. I think this is when I got the majority of my tan. By 5 I was hungry but my mom still wanted to stay by the pool. I was trying to be flexible but it’s hard when my body is used to eating around certain times. I went to go shower and then snacked on a handful of sweet n salty cashews to hold me over til they were ready.  We ate dinner around 8. Trying not to stress out about it because it was the Fourth of July and it was raining. We ended up at some wing place and by then I definitely worked up my appetite. I got a turkey wrap with avocado, cheese, lettuce and mayo in a jalapeño cheese wrap with some roasted corn and black beans. Nomnomnom. At everything on my plate, like always, because I know I needed it and it was very delicious.  We didn’t get to see fireworks this year but I’m not too bothered by it. I was still with my family and that’s all that matters. Flexibility is definitely something I need to work on, especially when it comes to vacation but I did a better job than my last vacation.

What did you do for your Fourth of July?

How do you handle being flexible?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. alyssac1129 says:

    On the 4th I spent the day by the pool with my friends, got panera, and saw fireworks! 🙂


  2. Amy @ Health Happiness and Balance says:

    I went out with my parents and got mexican food! It was amazing haha, fish tacos are life. I used to be the worst at being flexible but I’m slowly getting better. Progress is progress:)


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