Thinking Out Loud 7/2/15

Summer is flying by so fast. I have 7 weeks until I am a college student and I am definitely excited- but still nervous. Being away from home for long periods of time isn’t new to me, but I guess it won’t be so bad because I’ll be much closer and can talk to my parents whenever I need to.

About once a week I like to talk a nature walk to clear my head. This is one of my most favorite things to do. There is so much life around me and I can see things I normally don’t pay attention to if I’m in a car. I don’t go for long as I still am limited on exercise, but just enough to feel sane.

I even took some pics to share with you all:

I found the Bridge to Terabithia!


People these days…..


This part is my favorite. I always feel like I am in a magical forest. Or in a scene of The Walking Dead.


When I go on my walks, I do a lot of reflecting and self evaluation. I think to myself how damn lucky I am to be alive. To be healthy enough to walk with my two legs, to not be suffering from a life threatening disease, and to be loved unconditionally by my family. I have soo much to be thankful for and that’s why I love these walks. They make me smile and make me truly appreciate all my body has done for me to stay alive. I am learning not to abuse exercise and treat it like a privilege.

I used to feel self conscious with other people on the trail, but now, I look forward to walking by the fellow human, smiling, and saying hello. There are just the nicest people in my small town. šŸ™‚ No one is out there to judge you. I believe there is more good in this world than bad.

I look forward to when I am be able to do more activity, but for now, a once in a while walk is all I need.


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  1. Denisse Cristina says:

    I’m so excited for u hun! Where are you going to college?


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