Link Love 6/28/15

linklove Happy Sunday! Is that even a thing? I am feeling a bit more confident this week and it has a lot to do with who I surround myself with and keeping busy. Also found some great articles to share with you all:


Gaining Weight To Recover – Psychology Today

I think this is a good eye opener for a lot of people who don’t believe gaining weight is necessary

9 Quotes To Unleash The Courage Inside You – Recovery Warriors

Super motivating I must say


Chocolate Covered Cake Pops – Cooking With a Wallflower

The secret to these yummy cake pops are revealed

Homemade Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptarts – Serious Eats

My life is complete.

Coconut Almond Butter – Radiant Life Catalog

Making my own nut butter is next on my list

Fun/Interesting Reads:

30 Fake Ben And Jerry’s Flavors You Want To Try – Bit Rebels

Umm I would love to know what a rainbow taste like

10 Things Happy People Are Doing Different – Life Hack

I shall start trying these…

Lessons I Learned From Belle In Beauty And The Beast – Hello Giggles

Bravo Disney. You teach me life lessons ❤


One Comment Add yours

  1. emrecovers says:

    I loved that Beauty and the Beast article! Definitely a great movie (:


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