Special Edition Five Things Friday: WHY I CHOOSE RECOVERY

Its been a pretty emotional week not going to lie. It has been really stressful giving myself rest and I have a lot of time on my hands. Too much time can be good, but also kind of bad for me. I am so thankful to have my mother to talk to when I am having my bad days, she always can somehow make things better.

So for starting out my Five Things Friday, I wanted to share with you all Five Things that are keeping me motivated to recover and gain those last 10 lbs(or whenever my body is healthy enough). There are obviously so many more great reasons but I’m just going to share 5 with you today.

Excuse me and my monkey but dammit I want a family! Not any time soon but it would be nice to have that option one day.


Boobs and Booty babyyy! Yes I have gained a little weight in those areas but I wouldn’t mind a nice ass. No one wrote a song about no small butts…


Okay but seriously, I get called a fuzzy chicken all the time. Lanugo, you gotta go.


Exercise is a PRIVELAGE! You have to earn the right to use your body in that way but first you need to fuel it and get it stronger so you can be the best you can be! Yes my shirt is a reference from Mean Girls.


Last but not least, I just want to be happy. Truly wake up every morning not judging myself or feeling like crap. I want to be carefree and smile about the little things instead of worrying. Recovery is the only option to find that happiness.


You all have no idea how much your support means to me. But no one can do this for me, I have to do it for myself. I have to be the one that pushes myself even when I feel like I can’t. Persistence is key.

Now I ask all of you…. What are your reasons?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. alyssac1129 says:

    Love this em! And I know that one day you WILL be truly happy and healthy again. I have complete faith in you!


  2. I truly believe you can have all of those things in the future. You can do this ❤


  3. This is absolutely beautiful. Praying for you, Emmy ♥ I know you can do this.


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