WIAW 6/17/15

As I promised, I have decided to expand my blog a little and let you guys know more about me instead of just recipes. I chose my “What I Ate Wednesday” on a day that I remembered to take pictures of all my food. This was last Thursday!

Don’t you ever wake up and just crave certain things? Things that aren’t “breakfasty-ish”? Yeah, well that happened. Things got creative….


I made snickerdoodle overnight oats but wasn’t really feeling my usually fruity topping. So I looked in the freezer and found some nilla bean ice cream and fireworks went off in my head. I threw in a fiber one cinnamon coffee cake square for more cinnamon goodness and lots of creamy peanut butter. I can’t describe to you how satisfying this was…..

After a dip in my pool that finally is warm enough to go in, I made some lunch. Now I wasn’t feeling the classic wrap or sandwich so I cooked a nice warm meal.

I baked some sweet potato cubes that I seasoned with paprika and garlic powder.

a    b

Then sautéed some veggies in olive oil and Mr.s Dash (my go-to seasoning)


and some salmon with leftover beans I spotted in the fridge. Beans are yum.


My hunger cues have been really weird lately, I was actually really hungry a few hours later so I made a fruity smoothie. It had a peach, frozen strawberries and bloobs, greek yogurt, milk and chia seeds! Came out a lot thicker than I thought. Bailey was definitely curious about it.

eMy parents made a last minute decision that they wanted to go out for dinner at this local Mexican restaurant. I don’t always go with them because they seriously go every single week and it can get old, but I went because I wanted to get out and not be alone.

fI got some shrimp tacos and asked for a side of avocado because avocado is life and must be on my tacos. It did not take me long to finish these. 🙂

I used to not eat night snacks after going out because it’s usually later and I felt like I didn’t need to. But that’s silly and timing shouldn’t be an indicator. I actually feel very “off” if I don’t have something before bed. So I decided on some chocolate peanut butter balls that I had froze earlier that day (from Jane’s blog) and Unreal peanut butter cups.

coYou know what’s unreal, the fact that its still light out at 8:30. I love summer.

What’s your favorite way to eat avocado?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. avocado and tuna sandwiches are the best! I love it plain too haha !


  2. alyssac1129 says:

    Avocodo and egg toast is the bomb!! Also avocado on sandwiches or in homemade burrito bowls! 🙂 omg and that breakfast looks AMAZING! Love you em ❤


  3. emrecovers says:

    Looks so good em! I absolutely love the sound of that oatmeal!


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