Why I Stopped Lifting

Last summer, I started weight training with a trainer. My intentions were that I was being “healthy” and going to gain weight but I wanted it to be lean weight. Now that I look back on it, I wish I had thought differently. Seeing a trainer was the LAST thing I needed at a time where I was at a low weight. What I really needed at the time was to EAT and lots of it!

While I still was increasing up to the 3000 calorie guideline, I was putting way to much stress on my body even though no cardio was involved. I made the decision to stop seeing the trainer as I knew it wasn’t good for me mentally and physically. My true recovery started on October 2014. I have gained 10 pounds since then and I plan to gain even 5-10 more or until my body is at the weight it wants to in order to have a menstrual cycle again.

I stopped lifting. To be honest, I didn’t stop all together like I SHOULD have. I went from 5 days a week to 2-3…. Then until recently after being told by the gynecologist that I need more body fat to have a normal cycle, I stopped. Zero days.

This has been one mentally draining and frustrating decision. But who ever said anything ever worth it was easy? Deciding to do Minnie Maud was hard but I did that! So I can stop exercising too. I can be strong.


Please take my advice when it comes to recovery. STOP ALL EXERCISE. Whether it’s excessively taking the long way, going for long walks, lifting, etc., when your body isn’t getting a menstrual cycle or at a healthy weight, that’s it’s way of telling you it’s not ready yet.

I am trying my very best to not break down my body piece by piece but see it as a whole. It allows me to do so many things day after day and it will only be so much stronger if I give it this break.

If anyone needs advice or wants to talk about an issue, my email is:



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  1. So so so proud of you. Just know that you are doing that right thing. Your body needs rest! ❤


    1. emmyvaz says:

      Thanks girl❤️


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