Mint Chocolate Chunk Quest Bar Review


The hype in the Instagram community for the summer was Quest Nutrition’s new product: Mint Chocolate Chunk! I am blessed to have a friend that was so kind enough to send me a few to try because they weren’t in stores yet.

I will be honest and say that mint chocolate isn’t one my favorite combinations. But there’s just something about the way these protein bars are made…. I loved it! 

 The rich chocolatey base is filled with morsels of mint chunks. And if you are a Quest lover (aka on a quest) you know what I mean when I say this bar was chunky! 

I really enjoyed it atop of my chocolate proyo (protein yogurt) with oats and honey almond butter. It’s like crumbling a cookie over your dessert. Yes, dessert can have lots of protein and be phenomenal! 🙌🏼  I would overall rate this a 9/10. Anyone with a good chocolate craving will be satisfied with this flavor☺️ 


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  1. I loved this flavor too! Mint chocolate is actually a combo I love, so I was quite happy 🙂


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