Cinnamon Buns Ben & Jerry’s Review 

 Months I was searching for this flavor. Months. I went to 4 different stores around me and still could never come across it. Finally, I was in Kentucky with my family and went to the grocery store there. Didn’t think I would be lucky enough to spot this in the freeze aisle but I did!

If I recall, I think I screamed and got a little too happy…. Didn’t care how it looked, haters gonna hate.😎 Ha, I was really excited to see how it looked when I got home and let’s just say the drive was a little long.

 So. I waited a few days…..   Perfection.  I was really happy when my best friend decided she wanted to participate in my pint party and have one herself! I recommended that flavor to her because it was delicious as well!

“Caramel ice cream with cinnamon bun dough and cinnamon streusel swirl”  This was my dream. The ice cream was so creamy and sweet! It melted a lot faster than other pints I have had but I’m not complaining because it made it easier to scoop.

The gobs of cinnamon dough complimented the cream as well as the cinnamon swirl. Whether you like chunks in your ice cream or swirls, cinnamon buns gives you both!

I can say that if you haven’t had a pint of ice cream before, try making this your first! It changes you❤️


What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

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  1. I have had this pint sitting in my freezer for months now. I have been nervous scooping into the pint which I shouldn’t be. You have convinced me to push aside ED and do it. I really needed this boost ❤


    1. emmyvaz says:

      Do it girl! I’ll tell you there is just something so liberating and freeing about it and once you do it, you open a door. It makes you realize that it’s not bad at all!


  2. Keely says:

    How often do you eat like a whole pint? And do you always eat the whole thing when you buy one? I have an eating disorder myself and struggle a lot with what is a normal amount of food and what is not..? I restrict a lot and have periods where I feel like I’m overeating because I’m so tired of restricting myself, and I have lost all sense about normal amount of food, especially treats like ice cream and sweets 😳😄


    1. emmyvaz says:

      It really just depends. If I want ice cream, I’ll have one. I personally like to eat the whole thing because it challenges my old beliefs that ice cream is “bad” when in reality treats are not bad! Don’t feel like you have to eat the whole thing if you don’t truly want to but if you think about it, it’s just 2 cups of ice cream. That’s probably the same amount you could get at ColdStone or in a milkshake. The reason you feel like you are overeating is because you restrict so much. If you are underweight, chances are you need to eat more because your body needs it. Feel free to email me at if you have more questions.


  3. Melanie says:

    Oh my goodness, I need to look out for this flavor! Yum! My favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor is either Phish Food or Half Baked. 🙂


  4. Denisse Cristina says:

    omg YUM!!!!! My fave is the cookie butter one!!! Also, weird question but do you eat it straight out of the pint or eat it by scooping it little by little into another bowl. I personally love eating it straight out of the pint hahaha


    1. emmyvaz says:

      Lol, I eat it straight out of the container! It stays cold longer and it’s just more fun that way!


      1. Denisse Cristina says:

        I agree!!!


  5. Charlotte says:

    I love your Instagram and blog and omg, you’ve come so far! Your a really big inspiration to all. I’ve struggling at the moment and just by reading your blog and seeing your Instagram posts gives me hope 🙂


    1. emmyvaz says:

      Aww that means a lot to hear! Let me know if you ever need anything 🙂


      1. Charlotte says:

        You don’t happen to have a email or Kik or something i could message you on? If you wouldn’t mind giving advice!


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