Combat Crunch Bars


New protein bars make me happy! ☺️Especially when they taste like straight up chocolate bars from the wrapper! What else could you ask for? 😄

Combat Crunch bars by MusclePharm do NOT DISAPPOINT! PURE DELICIOUSNESS 😍

First of all, they have 20g protein, 12 g fiber, and are gluten free! This flavor is the chocolate chip cookie dough (also bought chocolate peanut butter cup and cinnamon twist to try soon)

Let’s get down to the point:
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough🍪
You take a bite into its crunchy, chocolatey shell into its taffy-soft, cookie center that melts in your mouth. The “crunch” is from the embedded cookie pieces in the shell.
I didn’t leave anything behind. It was a definite 10/10 and I look forward to trying all the other flavors.

Cinnamon Twist❤️

After trying the chocolate chip cookie dough flavor, cinnamon roll was next on my list. ✔️

 I am the biggest fan of cinnamon out there. I don’t think there are days I go without some, it’s perfection👌

MusclePharm is an outstanding protein brand! I have yet to try the protein powder but these bars have convinced me to get on that ASAP!
I’ll walk you through this…
When you first open the package, you get a slap in the face of cinnamon✋💥
It’s outer shell is a crunchy white chocolate cinnamon with a soft, taffy-like core of cinnamon heaven. Too good to be true? Quite possibly. But it’s true and you better go get your hands on these bad boys! 👍
I found mine at a GNC store but can also be purchased off or their website!

powerThe White Chocolate Raspberry was just as amazing as the rest ❤

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