Blueberry Lemon Pancakes

 These pancakes are adapted from my “Patriotic Pancakes” that you can find under pancakes☺️ 

💜1 scoop vanilla protein powder
💜1/3 cup Kodiak Powercakes mix
💜2 T oats
💜Dash of cinnamon 
Mix dry ingredients then add:
💜1/3 cup egg whites
💜1/3 cup milk of choice
💜1-2 T greek yogurt
Mix all together until there are no clumps or dry pieces. Prepare on a well sprayed griddle and WALLA! I prefer these pancakes cooled so it’s more cakey.
Elli quark is amazing!!! It’s a German Style sweet cream with just as much or more protein as greek yogurt. It’s naturally sweetened with stevia and erythritol. I find mine at Whole Foods and they have many flavors to choose from😊 
Great topper for my pancakes with blueberries and coconut💜

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