Peanut Butter Half Baked Review


So let me just start off by saying this wasn’t the easiest thing ever. It has taken me months to wrap my head around eating a WHOLE pint of real ice cream. I have had the froyo and greek yogurt kinds before but the health nut inside held me back. Let me just say, I was surely missing out!

Yeah, I could have easily gotten used to just always having frozen yogurt but would that really be a healthy mindset? Never allowing myself to indulge in a real treat because my body was craving it?
You think “eating clean” and watching everything you eat is going to make you super healthy and live forever? What if you lived forever but didn’t enjoy those days? You don’t have to live like that. Treat yourself. Fight for your happiness. Embrace every single day because you truly don’t know what could happen. I would much rather live a life full of happy memorable moments than a long, unfulfilled life full of regrets.

Now lets get down to this flavor… Peanut Butter Half Baked.

I had several reasons for choosing this flavor:
1. I have had the regular half baked and it has become a favorite.
2. This is a limited edition flavor
3. Peanut Butter. Chocolate. Cookie Dough. All in one pint… Yes, yes, hell yes.


When I first opened the lid, a little brownie chunk was waiting on top. I instantly got a whiff of peanut butter and chocolate just like a Reese’s cup. I started salivating….
The base is both peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. It is loaded with chunks of peanut butter cookie dough. Just imagine your favorite peanut butter cookies in cold, doughy chunks. There are also fudgy brownies just like the original half baked. I know right, too good to be true!


I would highly recommend tracking down this flavor before its gone! If you are like me, you are one with peanut butter. ❤


Needless to say, I felt very satisfied after the whole thing. Not guilt, more of a powerful, liberating feeling. I am strong and I will not be afraid of the numbers listed on the side. I woke up the next morning and I was perfectly fine. I did not gain weight nor was I bloated. I had normal hunger cues and went downstairs to make myself a nice breakfast. No exercise or restriction was used to “compensate”. Those are two behaviors proven to create an unhealthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Instead, I choose to treat myself to ice cream and be happy 🙂

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