Cinnamon Apple Pie Panini


So I needed something good for a preworkout meal that wasn’t too filling but enough to give me the carbs and fuel I needed to lift💪

I whipped up the perfect sweet tooth satisfying treat!

What you’ll need:
🍎2 slices cinnamon raisin bread (I used Ezekiel)
🍎About 2-3 T brown sugar cinnamon cream cheese 
🍎Thinly sliced apple (honeycrisp work amazing since they are super sweet!)
🍎Snickerdoodle Protein fluff:
1/3 cup greek yogurt
2 T Pescience Snickerdoodle Whey

Spread the cream cheese on one half and later with the apple slices. Put the fluff on the other half and TADA! You can panini press it for a toasty sandwich but I preferred it just the way it was❤️ 

**Side note: anytime you engage in any exercise, you need to fuel your body with carbs before hand! Or else you may feel weak and fatigue way faster into your workout. Without the energy, your body would target your energy from your muscles and can cause muscle breakdown instead. After, you MUST fuel up with protein and carbs for muscle growth💪

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