Don’t let numbers control you.

Numbers. Tiny fragments of measurement that we let control how we live our lives every day. What would it take for all of that to change? How far are we willing to go to achieve what we think is right? 

What you need to know is that numbers are not something we need to be living our every breathing moment on.🙅
I will tell you that I have learned over the years that numbers are inconsistent. They change all the time. No matter what or how, they evolve. Just like us. Do we stay 5 years old forever? No, we grow and become someone new as the years go on. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, that’s just how life was supposed to happen. I can’t imagine how boring it would be if every single day was the same.

You are NOT the number of:

Calories you ate
The miles you’ve run
What appears on the scale
The size of your jeans
The followers you have 
The friends you have
The grades you make
The money you earn
All of these things don’t add up to the greatness in you. You are a soul that was given a shell to carry you throughout your life and to let you do amazing things. No words or measurements can ever amount to YOU. 
Some ways to change your thinking:
💜Count your blessings, not calories

💙Run because it makes you feel good, not to be the best

💚Remember that weight is your relationship with gravity and it is always going to change. Always.
Scales are for fishies anyways 🐠

💛Jeans suck anyways, leggings for life✌️

❤️Social media isn’t REAL life, followers come and go, but the ones that matter will stay forever 

💜Friends do the same, a true friend will be there for you no matter what happens. If people can’t see the greatness in you, they aren’t worth your time

💙Grades are important, but they aren’t who you are. They don’t measure how smart you are and doesn’t mean you won’t get better. Persist.👊

💚Some of the happiest people I know aren’t rich. Make the most with what you have and be grateful for having a roof over your head, food to nourish your body and clothes to wear everyday.

 I hope you all take a step back today and realize the things you have and truly appreciate it. You are worth it.

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  1. Great post! Very well-written and thoughtful. I adore your blog ❤


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