Why I Lift 💪

The summer of 2014, I became interested in building muscle to help me gain weight. It was a way for me to get some exercise without the intense cardio that people do to lose weight. It is such a great self esteem booster for me but takes a lot of hard work.
I remember many days being so frustrated at myself for not being strong enough to lift and squat heavier, but rationally, I just couldn’t because my body wasn’t where it needed to be. So that being said, I needed to cut back and focus more on gaining more weight first, then work towards my goals on getting stronger. That was such a hard but important choice I made.
When you are recovering, your body is literally using every ounce of energy to just restore itself that any exercise you exert in makes it that much more difficult to gain. In short: its too stressful for your body to handle.

The one thing I see many people not stop doing is cardio. It’s probably one of several reasons: to burn calories, to “fight the guilt”, to lose weight, thinking they are “healthy”. No, just no. Chances are that individual doesn’t see what they are truly doing to themselves mentally, physically or both. I personally prefer lifting right now.


If you ever workout just because you feel you NEED to is just an obsession that is going to take so much away from your life. When I notice I am going to the gym for the wrong reasons, I stop and come home because I will not let that become my identity. I was not born “perfect” nor do have the perfect stamina or body, but I have learned to accept it.
I go lift because it makes me FEEL GOOD and STRONG. There is something so rewarding to actually see yourself getting stronger because you have been feeding your body what it needs to get those muscle gains💪

Why I squat:

Benefits of lifting vs cardio:
🔸Speed up metabolism
🔹Strengthen your bones
🔸Self-esteem booster
🔹You can do it at home, just get some weights
🔸Improves balances
🔹Regulates better sleep
🔸And of course, booty 😉

I am at a point in my life now that I don’t need to workout every single day. I don’t need to fit somebody else’s idea of perfection. I am finally learning balance. If I feel like going, I go… But when my body is tired or if I’d rather go do something fun like out to eat with my friends/family, I go with them. Nothing bad had ever happened to me for eating more some days and exercising less. I sometimes actually feel hungrier on my rest days.
Lifting isn’t for everyone. We all have what we like to do. But you need to remember to fuel your body good regardless.

What’s hot? STRONG💪
What’s not? Skinny 💀


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  1. Hey girl! It’s Jordan/strong_steady from insta! Just wanted to say I loved reading your post! It warmed my heart because I could see YOU through it and it showed how far you have recovered mentally! Keep it up!


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