💜Real Recovery💜

You have no idea how many people have asked me for advice about recovery. Which I have absolutely no problem with because I like to be there for others. I am making this post to explain what recovery truly means and why it’s really the only choice you have when struggling with disorders eating.


1. You NEED to challenge yourself.

Let’s be real, an ED can be very good at telling you what you do and do not like or what you “should” and “should not” have. In reality, you know what you truly want and if you even for a second doubt it because you think X,Y, or Z will happen, just do it. Take on the challenge and don’t just stop there-do it again and again until you realize that what you were once afraid of ISNT actually a big deal.


2. Sometimes, you have to fake it til you make it.

You have no idea how many meals I have felt like I was going to pop. 3000-4000 calories a day isn’t the easiest lemme just say. I did a lot of things robotically. But you know what? I pushed through. I keep reminders in the back of my head that all I was doing was giving my body medicine to heal. When you are really sick, don’t you take medicine? This is the same thing. When your body is recovering, food is thy medicine. To lighten up the mood, just name your food baby… Mine is Pablo 😳


3. Don’t worry about what other people think or do

This was one of the hardest things for me to overcome. It’s not every day you meet someone like me trying to gain weight-when it seems like the rest of the world is working on losing weight(and usually not the healthy way such as restriction and over exercise). I used to compare what I ate with people I cared about and had to eat less to feel better. The more and more I kept telling myself that my body is different than theirs and needs different things, it became easier and easier. Now, I don’t give a flying rat🐭 what others eat. I see girls eat nothing for lunch and I’m over here eating like “I love bagels…..”👌


4. Why are you eating diet foods?

Okay, this one flips me out! You are in RECOVERY not a diet! Your body needs real calories and real nutrition to heal and to actually see progress. You may feel like it’s “safe” and “easier” because it has a certain label that makes you believe it’s the “right heathy choice” but is that getting you anywhere mentally? It’s proven that if you eat the same amount of calories from 500 carrots or from 2 chocolate bars that it has the exact same effect on body weight. Now I am not saying go eat all the junk food to restore weight (trust me I’ve been there and it wasn’t fun)… But know that if you choose to recover on “safe”, low cal foods, you may never get rid of the fear of normal foods. It takes so much food to actually see a difference in weight so why not have yummy food?

IMG_61725. Don’t obsessively weigh yourself

Whether you see a dietician or choosing to recover at home, don’t let the effing scale take over your life. Your weight is Just. A. Number. To put it in scientific terms, it’s your relationship with gravity. Are you really going to let science trip you up? I know I’m not!🙅 And to just to let you know, that number is never going to stay the same. Weight will fluctuate from a range of 3-5 lbs in one day because of several factors. I DON’T recommend weighing at all because but I know some of you choose to do it, so remember this:
•only weigh once a week
•weigh at the same time of day
•remember to not stress over it
•it’s your relationship with gravity
•the stupid number is just a stupid number that doesn’t say one damn thing about the beautiful person you are

IMG_61736. No exercise

Some of you may be aware that I enjoy lifting. But I DO NOT recommend this to those in the really early stages of recovery. When I was in treatment, they didn’t even allow me to stand up for too long. This is because when you are malnourished, your body is using all the nutrition you give it and use it for just restoring your organs and bodily functions. It doesn’t need to be exerted by exercise. Cardio especially is TERRIBLE and LIFE THREATENING for anyone underweight. Whether you are 20 lbs or just 5 lbs underweight, you never know how much your body will allow before it gives. There are healthy, strong athletes out there that have had heart attacks, and just having a history of an ED makes your chances so much greater. I do some strength training a couple times a week now that I am healthier.💪 I enjoy yoga and stretching too because it relaxes me. I think yoga is a great way to reduce anxiety and I hope you all try it too.


These are only a handful of the many commitments you have to push yourself to make to get healthy. There are definitely more too. It takes A LOT of hard work and time to beat something like this, but nothing that worth it was ever easy. Stay strong and beat the bitch👊


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