IMG_5790Cutting out fats? Think again. I have seen so many diets that claim lowering fat intake will surely make you “healthier”, not necessarily….

Yes, it’s true that consuming high fat foods every single day for every meal will have some negative effects but too little can be just as harmful.

Take it from a girl that used to restrict herself from fats…
Low energy, thin hair, dry and pale skin, super hungry too!

IMG_5792What healthy fats are actually doing for your body:
🔹Providing you energy
🔸Normal growth and development
🔹Absorbing vitamins
🔸Maintaining cell membranes
🔸And even adding flavor to your food!

IMG_5795(Just check out that almond butter👆😍)
Fat deposited in your body acts as an insulator preventing loss of heat. (This is why when you lose weight, you feel cold all the time)
Fats from fish 🐠 help lower your blood cholesterol, low-density lipoproteins and triglycerides. These fats also increase the amount of GOOD cholesterol in your body.👍

IMG_5791And to clear something up, fats DO NOT make you fat!🙅 That’s one of the biggest mistakes in fad diets because you deprive your body of an important nutrient. The only reason people avoid it is because it’s denser, meaning the serving is smaller than other macronutrients.

If you restrict to very little or no fat, you’re doing more harm than good….😱

💢”Low fat” or diet products ADD artificial flavors and sugars to enhance the flavor while taking away nutrients.

Besides, it makes food taste great!😄 Could you imagine a PB & J without the peanut butter? Your bagel without cream cheese? Or no avocados to make guacamole? 😭😭😭 It tears me up just thinking about!

The best fats to make sure you include are heart healthy fats such as:
🔸Nuts & Seeds
🔸Nut butter
🔸Sunflower seed butter
🔸Fish (rich in omega-3’s)
🔸Coconut/coconut oil
🔸Olive oil
🔸Ground flaxseeds
🌟please keep in mind that your body wants other sources of fats too! This is just a general list. Trust me, I love my full fat cream cheese, ice cream, pizza, you name it.❤️

As you have heard me preach a lot…. BALANCE🙌


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  1. Thank you so much for this post!


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