Vanilla Pumpkin Pancakes

IMG_5756These pancakes were da bomb! 💣
Perfectly fluffy, moist, and satisfying!

•1/2 cup oat flour
•1 T coconut flour
•2 T vanilla whey
•1/4 cup pumpkin
•1/2 cup egg whites
•1/4 cup almond milk
•1/3 tsp cinnamon
•1/2 tsp baking powder

Whisk dry ingredients together, then whisk in the wet. This way it is evenly distributed and won’t have clumps.

I used a nonstick griddle sprayed with coconut oil but any nonstick pan should work. This was my first time using coconut oil spray and I really enjoyed it. Unlike some sprays, this one didn’t leave a weird flavor on the pancakes or in the house after preparing. It smelled sweet and made the pancakes nice and golden.

If you want sweeter pancakes just add some sweetener of your choice but I just like to add fun toppings and it works for me ☺️
✨ADVICE: these were amazing paired with vanilla greek yogurt! My favorite to use is Chobani Vanilla.

IMG_5752Also I wanted to give you all a little background about coconut oil:

🔹Coconut oil is a very healthy fat to use in cooking despite all the bad reps it sometimes gets.
🔸It contains medium chain triglycerides that are metabolized differently in the body than animal fats. It goes straight to the liver where it’s used as a quick source of energy.
🔹Coconut also contains lauric acid which can kill harmful bacteria and pathogens in the body.
🔸Can reduce risk of Alheizmer’s disease and improve brain function.
🔹Good source of healthy fats for healthy hair, nails, and skin.

Obviously, OVER consumption of anything loses its benefits but if you use a good amount, it may help improve your overall health. 😊


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