What is balance?


IMG_5429I have spent years battling with trying to figure out what “balance” truly is. Unfortunately, I took things too far which affected me in ways that weren’t beneficial for me and my health. So let’s dive into this…..

Balance is a distribution of elements that maintain stability and structure. In terms of life choices, balance is really hard to achieve these days. Whether you find yourself swamped with work or school, running late to an appointment and forgetting to lock the door, or making time in your day to simply do a good deed for someone even though you’re having a crappy day yourself.

IMG_5435 In the past, I struggled with finding a balance with food. How much do I need? Am I really hungry? What do I crave? This wasn’t always the easiest for me to figure out and I’m still working on it. But I have learned something great through all this… Nothing “bad” or “harmful” has happened to me when things didn’t go as planned.
I eat “healthy” 90% of the time and realize that treats are nothing to be restricted. 🙅 I treat myself many times throughout the week because I am human and we naturally have cravings and preferences.
This here is one of my favorite indulgences: Ben and Jerry’s.🍦 I occasionally allow myself to eat the whole pint because I WANT to and if you only live once, I want to live it right by enjoying the little things.❤️

IMG_5427 My favorite flavor is Half Baked. Let me take you on a journey:
Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream swirled with chunks of brownie🍫 and cookie dough🍪
I have had a pint 5 different times and not any one of those times did I gain weight. Now you may be thinking “well, she just has a fast metabolism, I couldn’t do that”. And you are only half right. Yes, my metabolism is really fast but that’s because I don’t restrict my intake. It has been proven that low cal, low carb, low fat diets slow down metabolism and end up failing in the end. With restriction, your body gets used to a smaller intake making it harder to eat realistically. YOU of course can treat yourself to a lot of ice cream (or whatever you like) and not gain tons of weight. Just as long as you fuel your body right.

IMG_5428The other flavor I have tried was Blueberry Vanilla Graham greek frozen yogurt! This flavor was pretty great too. I’m a sucker for anything blueberry and it was filled with chunks of graham cracker pieces. Also, the base was extremely creamy because it’s greek yogurt and actually has a little more protein… So it’s gotta be good right? 😏

IMG_5437The point of this post is to remind you all that life goes by too fast. If you spend every day worrying about every little thing and never allowing yourself to the amazing, fun things in life, you are taking the joy away from life and letting everyone else enjoy it. Go out there and experience as much as you can and don’t let anyone or anything hold you back. People will judge you no matter what you do…. at least if they do, you will have ice cream and they will be jealous😉


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