Turkey Hummus Wrap!


IMG_5542 Ahh, one of my favorite meals! I am a simple girl that likes simple meals most often and this really hits the spot. I can never go wrong with a good sandwich/wrap, salad or soup! I must say that I can really put it away too because I ate all of this and most my friends can barely finish half 😂

Wrap is made with:
•Joseph’s Multigrain Lavish wrap
•Market Pantry Reduced Sodium Oven Roasted turkey
•Provolone cheese
•A generous amount of Sabra’s Spinach Artichoke Hummus

Along side with my baked cinnamon sweet potato (under snacks) and green beans!

Need this fuel to get those muscle gains I want after my shoulder workout today! 💪

You really should try this kind of wrap! You can use any flavor of hummus and cheese to your preferences and it really is so satisfying! A lot better than Subway can do for me 😋


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