Krush Bar Reviews


I had the opportunity to try Krush bar samples for free! I received the apple pie and chocolate chip cookie dough and I was super excited!
After my workout, I decided to try the Apple pie one. The texture is really soft and not chewy like most protein bars. It smells and tastes of peanut butter because the base is made from protein and peanuts instead of almonds. There are apple and pecan chunks in it too❤️ I tried it from the package and it was delicious… But I wanted to spice it up so I baked it! Put on foil and baked in the toaster oven for about 4 minutes at 370 F so outside is a little golden. MOUTHWATERING!

You can’t even believe it’s a healthy protein bar because it’s so sweet and tastes like a peanut butter baked apple pie!

Cookie Dough

IMG_6456Cookie dough is one of my favorite flavors for anything. I mean where can you go wrong? Soft cookie base with chunky chocolately chips… Perfection all around.

I decided to try this flavor refrigerated. Something about cold cookie dough just makes my mouth water.
When you open the wrapper, a hint of cookie and peanut butter fill the air and the excitement unravels😄

The texture is soft and not as chewy as other protein bars but resembles so close to actually cold cookie dough. I even wanted to try it warm so I microwaved it about 7 seconds and it was even better! It became even softer and the chips a little melty and ooey gooey 🙆❤️

These bars have no added sugar, high fiber, and 20g protein! Perfect snack post workout or if you just wanted some more protein 💪

This isn’t just a protein bar, it’s a dessert all in one and you wouldn’t believe that it has so minimal ingredients with a flavor this great!

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